The attention of the Government of Abia state has been drawn to the negative behavior of the leadership of self Acquired Tricycle Owners Association (SATOA) towards the drive and collection of legitimate revenues relating to the operations in the State of the Motor Union and Tricycle Association mentioned in this release.

Government is inundated with report of obstruction and molestation of its ADHOC staff from collecting legitimate fees by the leadership of the NURTW and SATOA and their members, who have constituted themselves into an institution of authority, to deliberately oppose every policy step taken by the Government to harmonize the transportation activities in the state and payment of revenue in order to avoid incidences of double taxation.

The leadership of NURTW in the state has gone ahead to print paper tickets with which it collects money illegally from motorist, in deliberate disobedience to Government directives to adopt e-payment system for collection of revenue.

The motor union (NURTW) Abia State Chapter and Self Acquired Tricycled Owners Association (SATOA) and their members have vehemently disobeyed directives of Government on a number of occasions and have shown penchant to respect and usurp the authority of the state Government.

Government regrets the inability of these two groups to reciprocate the goodwill benevolence and hand of fellowship extended to them by it which they have enjoyed.

Therefore, Government views the behavior and conduct of the Motor Union and Tricycle Association as SABOTAGE and has no choice under the circumstances than to take a course of action to save itself from further embarrassment.

Following the directives of His Excellency, Dr. Victor Okezie Ikpeazu, Executive Governor of Abia State, the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Abia State Chapter led by Comr. Eugene Eze Job and Self Acquired Tricycle Owners Association (SATOA) also led by Comrade Eugene Eze Job are by this release, hereby, respectively, PROSCRIBED.

All security Agencies and the general public are enjoined to, pls, take note.

Signed by:
Honorable Commissioner For Transport .