The Chairman Abia PDP Media Support Group (AMSG) Chief Emmanuel Nwaeze has described the Opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia State as a party of deceivers and Desperate Liars who has nothing good to offer the state, but to blindfold Abians and lead them back into the hands of those who wants nothing good to come to Abia

He stated this at an interactive session with journalists in Umuahia, the state capital of Abia

He said that top notchers of the party were the architects of the problems the state is undergoing in the area of all spheres of development because they derailed the state while in government.

“We cannot be fooled by the Wolf cries, from the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia. It is total white noise, shrill and frankly annoying from a team, who claimed to have a panacea to Abia ills.

“The APC is not fooling anybody this time. All the clamour to blame and damage the reputation of the incumbent governor of gross mismanagement is a hoax to hoodwink the Abia electorate, while the APC bigwigs study insights into further mismanaging and menacing the Abia economy.

“Abians are not that gullible. We cant forget that the APC echelon in Abia is populated by those who knows how to chop public funds”.

He said that the APC administration is not prudent in managing resources, noting that the party is faced with different crises at the National and in many states it governs.

He said that Abians has berated members of APC for supposedly sticking to its lies and empty promises, while stating that PDP is the only party that cann Satisfy the yearning of Abians for good governance.

Nwaeze stated that the PDP led administration is working so hard in Abia State in the areas of infrastructural development, rehabilitation and building of new roads as well as providing the people with dividends of democracy.

He expressed gratitude to the Governor for fulfilling his campaign promise with the massive road constructions he is doing in so many deplorable roads in aba and other parts of the states, noting that posterity would remember him for his giant strides.