More crisis in APC ahead of Aba North and South federal Constituency bye-election as a Chieftain of APC in Abia  Chief Victor Amuta have backed the move for an Aba man to represent the Aba people in the federal House of Representatives, Naijadaily247 gathered from a comment he made on a post in regards to the Aba bye-election and gave his support to the indigene of Aba to produce a rep member for the first time in 22 years .

He wrote.

“Dom.Nik, All these things you are reeling out do not apply to this election. This should apply to governorship election.
This election is about an indigene of Aba Ngwa representing Aba for the first time in 22 years.
This is understandable for any fair minded person, politics apart!
It will be against the natural law of justice to deny Aba people this.
Do unto another as you will wish done unto your”

The seat became vacant with death of the member representing Aba North and South federal Constituency Hon Ossy prestige who died in a German hospital in February 2021.