When the council of Abam Onyerubi traditional rulers on the 30th December 2015 came together to unanimously confer the title of “Abaji Abam” on Hon. Uko Nkole, it was in the foresight and wisdom of ndi Eze that the ancient Abam clan could no longer become progressive with vindictive, ego, and bitter politics, and that it has become paramount for the clan which possess huge economic potentials to have it’s own political leader. Having been sworn in as the member, representing Arochukwu/Ohafia federal constituency barely six months, it became obvious that the enigma and characteristics of Hon. Uko Nkole befits the leadership status requiring of the Ozu-Abam clan.

Aftermath of the lingering political litigation of the Arochukwu/Ohafia federal constituency in 2015, the Ozu-Abam clan moved from the core to the periphery at the National and local architecture of equation. within the first two years of his stay at the green chambers, his country home of Abam Onyerubi became a project hub and reconstruction site.

From the Abam water project at Igwu Ozu to the fencing of Ozu Abam health center, to the reconstruction and equipping of ndi Ememe health center, to the drilling of borehole at Ndi Okereke Abam, to the reconstruction of Afargala bridge at Idima Abam, to the comprehensive secondary school copper lodge built at Amuru Abam, not excluding the widow he built a house for at Ememem Abam, or the litters of youths that he had facilitated their appointments and employment ranging over sixty(60) in numbers, this, just within his first two years in office.

Bereft of ideas and avenues of propaganda, it is highly unfortunate and ridiculous that those who are now catching cold over the souring political profile of “Mr Project” has now resulted to exploit unscrupulous elements to question his achievements in Abam and Arochukwu LGA at large, but we do not expect them to do any better. Those who can not see beyond their nose politically has every tendency to suffer from chronic anaemia. Hon. Uko Nkole is among Reps members leading in projects and facilitations of employment in the South Eastern part of the country, whom most of the beneficiaries are from Arochukwu and Abam clan.

When next opportunist politicians including those who recently returned from abroad ahead of 2023 gives them money for data to question Hon. Nkole’s influence in Abam, it is the sons and daughters of Abam whose aged parents at the village are able to access portable drinking water courtesy of Hon. Uko Nkole and the relatives whose brothers and sisters has been able to become bread winners courtesy of the Job/employment facilitated by Hon. Uko Nkole that will reply them. Of course they have asked this questions before 2019, and resoundingly, they got their answers at the polls.

Hon. Uko Nkole did not make himself, nor did he unmake anyone politically. It is the people’s goodwill and support that has repositioned him as a political colossus. Hence; his detractors should stop engaging in futile and unproductive efforts as he cannot be cowed, nor perturbed, Mr Project is too busy with the business of quality representation.

Ndidi Okafor Ejieke, a political analyst and concerned citizen writes from Umuahia

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