There is no gainsaying the fact that Senator T. A. Orji standsout like a colossus in the Senate, National Assembly andFederal Republic of Nigeria, doing justice to the duty call of his constituents to give them quality, effective and efficient representation, and speakingtheir voices at the highest echelon of national service.
1. Hecame topsi the senate,first among equals; Best Performing Former Governor in the Senate.What smart appraisal for a man whose commitment is unparalleledin service to the peopleby a recent survey.
2. He keeps vigil at hisconstituency insisting that the youths must be educated and equipped formally andinformallyso as to be able to keep abreast of the challenges of the future ahead of him.
3.H has steadily,readilyand willingly developed a series of vocational skills training and empowerment programme, especially in Agriculture, the first vocation of manfor the benefit of the youths and leading to food security in the nation.
4. In and out of season,Senator T. A. Orji,has kept his eyes quite dutifully on achieving those intents and purposes for which he was elected back to back by hisconstituents in 2015 and 2019 without compromise and delivering absolutely positively whatever it takes.
5. He towers in height among elected representatives whose perception and grasp of the Covid-19 pandemic was well tailored and methodically understood. Hence he quicklywatered it down among his constituentsin every community, ward, and local government area with aggressive interventions and palliatives.
6.A man of empathy, and immense humaneness. Senator T. A. Orji engaged in rounds of donations and distributionsof food items. He shared several thousands of bags of rice, beans, cartons of Indomie Noodles,packs of sanitizers, packs of face masks to stave off the contagious pandemic while it ravaged like wild fire.

7. He did not stop at that, he also mounted sensitization and awareness campaignsto ensure those at the grassroots understood, appreciated and strictly adhered to all Covid 19 protocol announced by the various tiers of government and Covid 19 committees before, during and after lockdown.Till date he has not relented in his efforts.
8. His consummateinterest in educational development is quite phenomenal. This speaks volumes for his insistence on the expansion of the learningenvironment in keepingwith the Covid 19 pandemic “Social Distancing Protocol”.He quickly embarked on the erection of 12 ultra-modern classroom blocks at Okwuta Community Primary School, Okwuta Ibeku, Umuahia North Local Government Area. He built another blockofultra-modernclassroomsat Ikem Nvosi, Isialangwa South Local Government Area,providing conducive environment for teaching and learning; equipped with teaching and learning aids,modern furniture, ceiling fans, etc. he did not stop there, he also erected another at Osisioma Local Government Area in just 30 days –one monthfor effective teaching and learning to locate their right places.
9. He has meticulously kept pace with his duties of leading from the front as a good leader and representative of the good people of Abia Central Senatorial District, Abia State at theNational Assembly Abuja.
10. Senator T. A. Orji’s passion for good health is immeasurable. He renovated one health centre at Ohokobe, Umuahia North Local Government Areaand another at Nvosi, Isialangwa South Local Government Areain these days of Covid 19 Pandemic.
11. He is in consistentsynergy with the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)Abia State Chapter. He attracted two gigantic National Public Health Centres located at Ukome Ibeku, Umuahia North Local Government Area and Umuariaga,Ikwuano Local Government Area respectively.
12. Dating back from his days as a two time Governor of Abia State 2007-2015, when he established Abia State Ultra-modern Diagnostic Centrein Umuahia and Aba, he clearly acquits himself as a firm believer in the axiomwhich says that “Health is Wealth”
In summation, therefore, there is no doubt that Senator T. A. Orji is one leader who avails himself worthy of his calling. “When a leader avails himself worthy of his calling makes himself accessible to the people, fulfills the promises he made, keeps to his words, matches and backs them up with positiveactions, such a leader earns for himself profound respect and honour within the enviable coordinates of integrity, passion, poise and dedication; On this latitude, you would readily locate Essential Democrats like HEXCELLENCY MOST DISTINGUISHED SENATOR T. A. ORJI, CON…representing Abia Central Senatorial District, Icon of representative democracy.To the political dynasty and posterity of such a leader there is no end.
Chief LiaisonOfficer(CLO)to the Senator