The member representing Arochukwu/Ohafia Constituency in the Federal House of Assembly, Hon. Uko Nkole, has continued to defy all odds in his resolve to bring succour to the good people of his Constituency by bringing dividends of democracy closer to them.

OHAFIA-News recalls that in the history of the Constituency, one of the most important bridges linking the Abam people and their Ohafia brothers at a point became a point of reference of bad omen, a jinx that defied solution so much so that many lives were lost thereof and communication between the two communities of Abam and Ohafia became severed and threatened as a result of dead-trap condition of the road, albeit, the bridge.

But just like the magic wand, in his usual dexterity of acting as if a daunting challenge is a walk in the park, Honourable Uko Nkole annouced the commencement of refurbishment of the dilapidated Nmuri Bailey Bridge which has been executed by the respective agency of Government the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) as a short term measure while on the long he facilities the on going construction of a brand new concrete bridge under accelerated construction by Messers Hartland/Setraco construction ltd a contractor from the Federal Ministry Of Works And Housing.

Away from the usual political talks simultaneously both jobs are seriously under implementation while the FERMA component has been delivered and vehicular traffic restored,while the concrete bridge construction site is witnessing serious unhindered progress on site.

Long story short, within few weeks, the Old Bailey bridge was re-opened to traffic once again to the consternation of many doubting thomases while the concrete bridge was in momentum to meet with the deadline set by the Rep Member /Respective Implementation Ministry to the contractors.

True to his words, OHAFIA-TV Crew, on 20th of May, 2021, took a tour of the site location to ascertain the level of the bridge as we have always done since the inception, knowing the importance of the bridge to the people of Ohafia and Abam.

We can authoritatively report that as promised by the house member, the new Nmuri Bridge will be opened to traffic in no distant time.

Meanwhile, out of curiosity, and considering also, the umptimum importance of Omenuko Bridge that must compliment Nmuri Bridge enroute the Umuahia-Abam-Ohafia Road, available information gathered from the Facebook page of the Honorable member as corroborated by the relevant officials of Federal Ministry of works and Housing gave the reason for suspension of the ongoing construction of the Omenuko bridge also attracted by Honourable Nkole arose from safety concerns raised and dissatisfaction of the job being put on ground by the contractor.

Consequent upon which after several joint site visits with the federal ministry of works&housing team arrangements are being made to rearward the Job to a more competent contractor in the interest of public safety .

Generally these bridges were constructed during the colonial era and many have represented the constituency from the state to the federal level and gone without any impact felt on this critical infrastructure one can boldly say kudos to Mr Project the Game Changer.

Yes indeed one can boldly say there’s still a ray of hope for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal constituency and Nigeria in General in the business of representation with the unprecedented indefatigable examples of few like “Mr Project”.