Having X-rayed the third series of my article which discussed the empowerment (Vehicular aspect) strides of Hon. Uko Nkole, which established the fact that in terms of vehicular empowerment, his antecedents is unprecedented and can not be disputed across the width and length of the Abam Clan. Let us now delve into the fourth series which focuses on human capital development.

While infrastructural budget and allocations gulps up millions of naira across the various developed and developing nations in the world today, it is indeed human capital development that ensures that the society is not bereft of individuals who would at intervals, inject back to the society towards it’s stability.

Prior to 2015 when Hon. Uko Nkole was elected into the house of representatives, human capital development in Abam was left at the mercy and grace of God, political leaders and actors only used women and youths as it pleases them while dumping them when they must have achieved their political aims as graduates and skilled youths littered the streets from Abam extraction with no one to facilitate their employment and empowerment for them to live a decent life.

Here comes Hon. Uko Nkole who just within two years in office as a member of the house of representatives, completely changed the narrative and repositioned the Abam clan from the periphery to the core. Sons and daughters from Abam extraction were massively empowered while unemployed graduates were given state and federal jobs.

I would like to list the beneficiaries of the human capital development of Mr Project from Abam clan that are known to me. This, with great apologies to Rt. Hon. Uko Nkole whom I clearly know does not engage or respond to unmerited and infantile media brouhaha. He allows attention seekers to keep themselves busy while he faces his onerous task of improving Arochukwu/Ohafia Federation constituency.

Under listed are some of the human capital beneficiaries of Mr Project;


1.Peter Uke Ohaeke- Idima Abam
Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.

2.Agwu Irem – Ovukwu Abam
Ministry of Science and Technology.

3.Ijoma Dickson – Ndi Oji Abam
Ministry of Labour and Employment.

4. Ijechukwu Egbuta – Ohafor, Ozu Abam
Ministry of Education.

5. Ogbu James- Ohafor Ozu Abam
Bureau of Public Procurement.

6. Ume Uka – Ohafor -Ozu Abam
Office of Auditor General of the Federation.

7. Okorie Mary Thompson Okereke -Ozu Abam
Ministry of Education.

8. Prince Emeaba – Ameke Abam
Federal Medical Center, Umuahia.

9. Friday Oge, Ndi Ebe Abam
Federal Ministry of Education.

10. Odachi Kalu Okereke -Ndi Ibom
Federal Capital Territory Health Services.

11. Promise Uchechi Okorie- Ozu Abam
Ministry of Trade and Investment.

12. Ojebe Orji-Ozu Abam
Federal Ministry of Information.

13. Ndukwe Ijechukwu Okoro
Federal Ministry of Education.

14. Chukwudi Jude –
Federal Ministry of Education.

15. Chinonso Victor Ozukwe
Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.

16. Onwumere Ojinnaka Vincent
Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation.

17. Chukwu Jonah Okorouku- Idima, Ohaeke Abam
Office of the Vice President, National Social Investment Office.

18. Egbuta Samuel Agwu -Nigerian Navy
Ndi Oji Abam

19. Kalu John Nmaju -Nigerian Navy
Ozu Abam.

20. Okorie Olaka -Nigerian Navy
Atani Abam.

21. Azu Chinazam Amos- Nigerian Army
Ndi Okereke Abam.

22. Edward Ikenna-Nelson – Nigerian Army
Ozu Abam.

23. Obasi Ibuchim Awa – Nigerian Airforce
Ndi Ojiaku Abam

24. Kalu Samuel Okoronkwo – Nigerian Navy
Amaeke Abam

25. Onoh Emmanuel Chimaeze, Nigerian Navy

26. Stephen Okoroafor- Nigerian Army
Eziafor Abam

27. Kalu Michael- Nigerian Army
Ndi Okereke Abam

28. Prince Okorie- Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC
Ozu Abam

And many more I can’t remember and will update once I gather more information.

It is pertinent to note that Hon. Uko Nkole’s laudable achievements and efforts remains unprecedented in Abam clan as a whole, those who says otherwise should match this list wit.