The Chairman Caades Group and Founder Chima Anyaso Foundation, Dr. Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso has advised Nigerian Youths never to allow challenges of life retire them to unfavorable fate.

In his weekly Motivational post to the youths, Dr. Chima stated that without passing through challenges, victory will be tasteless.
“Without Challenges victory will be tasteless. Difficult times refine and establish winners but it also forms the basis for weeding out losers and quitters.

Don’t let challenges retire you to unfavorable fate. there’s light at the end of the tunnel”.

The Abia born Bende business Mogul, who is well known for his philanthropic gesture has being a lover of Nigerian Youths, he has never for one day hidden his love for fellow hard-working and creative youths of the nation, especially those from his region, the proudly acclaimed “The Dot” Nation.

He has always expressed his love for fellow youth through Financial Empowerment, Academic support, Business Grants and sponsored so many young Nigeria entrepreneurs into businesses of their own, he also provides social amenities to major communities in Abia, from borehole to schools materials, building of Civic center, markets etc.

He regularly shares his weekly inspiration messages every Monday and these messages are today fondly branded with hashtags #OfujiIsComing.

He posted in his Instagram handle