The hardworking Member Representing Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Uko Ndukwe Nkole is one of the participants at a capacity building training workshop on Leadership and Legislative Excellence holding for 2 weeks in London, United Kingdom.

Hon. Nkole was nominated for the workshop by the Nigerian Institute of Legislative Studies (NILS), an Arm of the National Assembly dedicated to ensuring global best practices for Nigerian Legislators.

The training program, which is strictly on nomination and merit, will see the participants go through different modules on Leadership, Relationship Management, Oversight Best Practices, Legislative Excellence among other topics to be handled by different facilitators.

The nomination to attend the training is in recognition of Hon. Nkole’s outstanding contribution to activities in the House of Representatives and his vibrancy in Legislative activities.

It is common knowledge that Hon. Nkole is one of the most vibrant and best-performing Federal Legislators from Abia State in the National Assembly and has been able to attract an unparalleled number of projects to his people through his sterling inter-personal skills and deep understanding of relationship-management.

It is expected that the training will afford Hon. Nkole even more knowledge that will enable him attract even more developments to his people.