The functions of the Abia State Board of Internal Revenue is assessment, collection and accounting for all taxes in the State and to do all such things as may be deemed necessary or expedient for the assessment and collection of such taxes.

It was on the above narrative that the Abia Integrity Forum, a group with the unwavering determination and aim to identify public office holders who are positively carrying out their official obligations to better Abia State in line with the Governor’s vision paid a courtesy visit to the Chairman, Abia State Board of Internal Revenue, Sir Agbara Celestine.

Addressing the team, Sir Agbara thanked the team for their visit, stated that upon assumption of office, he understood the task before him was to effectively harness the Board so that there won’t be any shortfall in the revenue index of the State.

He pointed out some of the challenges the Board had faced.

“I met the challenges of manual means of tax collection, i really commend my predecessor who had initiated the process of automated tax collection, another challenge was the issue of under staffing which hindered the activities of the Board on field work which is the major means of reaching out to targeted legible tax payers” the Chairman explained.

The Abia State revenue boss said that the Automated Tax Collection system is on the advanced stage and as it is running the Board are putting in finishing touches to perfect it.

Sir Agbara delightfully expressed that the automated tax collection system will massively boast the revenue purse of the State upon completion.

Sir Agbara, advised shop owners, commercial and private building landlords in Aba, Umuahia and Ohafia to desist from paying levies in cash to any agent who claim to be from Abia State Board of Internal Revenue, he urged them to use the bank account details provided for them by the Board to avoid being defrauded by criminals parading themselves as agents of the Board.

He said that there is no double taxation from Abia State Government, he explained that some individuals are involved in about two or three tax categories due to properties or business they solely own. For example, if Mr Y has a big mall in Ariaria and as well another small shop at a different location, he will pay for big shop levy and small shop levy as the case might be.
If Mrs X has a residential building and a shoe making factory closeby, she will as well pay for the two that are attached to her and such doesn’t not warrant the claim for double taxation.

Sir Agbara, expressed hope that with the level of Infrastructural development the Governor has embarked on in the State, many businesses are already trooping into the State and this will certainly improve the revenue of the state.

Finally the Chairman promised to keep the public abreast with the activities and policies of the board to avoid fake revenue agents from defrauding Abians. He warned that any one or group of persons caught in the act of impersonating the staff of Abia Board of Internal Revenue will certainly be prosecuted in lines with the provisions of the Law.

Abia Integrity Forum Press Team

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