Our reaction to the press release supposedly issued by the office of Hon. Benjamin Kaluand signed by his legislative Aide and  titled “Okey Ezeala and Chima Anyaso  Gimmicks of a stooge and his paymaster” is to effect the claims contained in the release is false and misrepresents the truth regarding the said matter. It is always important for us to set the records straight and assure the good people of Bende and indeed Abia state that Chima Anyaso has no hand in the certificate forgery court case brought before the Umuahia High court in which the defendant, Hon. Benjamin Kalu has been dragged to clarify the inconsistencies emanating from the different names that appeared on his educational certificates.

In the said press release, Hon. Ben Kalu alleged that Chima Anyaso is behind the charges filed in the High Court in Umuahia. This is false and far from the truth, We are convinced that this claim is employed as a way to blame Chima Anyaso and as a ploy to explain away any inability of Hon. Kalu to fulfill his electoral promises to Bende People.

This is a precursor to finding an excuse for whatever will result as his lack of performance or failure to fulfill his promises to Bende People, by simply claiming to have been distracted.

It is our duty to continue to debunk the false and malicious lies and to always set the records straight, Chima Anyaso has no hand in the charges brought against Hon. Ben Kalu, and it is advised that Rep. Ben Kalu should go and answer to the charges of forgery against him, as required by law and not seek to earn sympathy by blaming Anyaso, as he is known to always do. What is required is for Hon. Ben Kalu to show proof, beyond any doubt, in court and not to accuse Anyaso who is already progressing well with his mandate of enriching Bende people; a mandate he will continue to execute with or without holding public office.

Joseph Ejindu
Head, Media and Communication,
Chima Anyaso Political Organization (OFUJI MOVEMENT)

Rep. Ben Kalu

See the release below.