Ordinarily, we would have keep ignoring the different Ben Kalu’s media concoction, especially the one he dished out through his trainee media hireling, Chidozie Aja, tagged “Okey Ezeala and Chima Anyaso, gimmicks of a stooge and his paymaster” but in order not to allow them to keep deceiving the good people of Ndị Bende and general public, let me categorically atate clear here once again that Chima Anyaso’s hands are not in the said allegation that he is sponsoring the claimant in the case, Hon. Okey Ezeala, who is not even a member of the PDP but a Chieftain of APC and famous political Ally of Ben Kalu in the build up to 2019 general elections.

Dr. Chima Anyaso is not sponsoring anybody, he has never sponsored anybody and will not sponsor anybody.

We noted with grave dismay that the said article was written with the aim of dragging the name of a business man, respectable philanthropist and founder, CHIMA ANYASO FOUNDATION, Chima Anyaso to the mud in the ongoing court case that bothers on certificate forgery by Ben Kalu, of the House of Representatives.

For the avoidance of doubt, the said matter is totally between him (Ben) and Hon. Okey Ezeala, who we read on the media, prays the court to “to determine whether somebody who does not have a valid school certificate or primary school certificate can contest an election to Bende federal constituency and indeed any other constituency across the Federation, to determine whether Benjamin Okezie Kalu was a valid candidate abinitio” among other volcanic prayers to the court.

It is advisable that Ben Kalu should go and clear himself before the court, bear his cross and stop dragging Dr. Chima Anyaso’s name into his sinking ship. Come to think of it, can’t Ben Kalu prove his innocence in court without these unnecessary media ranting? Or is He so afraid of Hon. Okey Ezeala to the extent of seeking a third party to blame? Well, it is the law court where he should go and clear himself, not blackmailing every perceived political nightmare.

Already as we read on media too that the Judge has adjourned the case until the 23rd of August 2021 for judgement after submissions by both councils, Okey Amaechi SAN for the claimant and Kelvin Nwufor for the defendant in the case.
Ben Kalu should face the Judgment day squarely and stop looking for public sympathy.

Hon. Dr. Chima Anyaso wishes to inform Ndị Bende and teeming Supporters that he is busy with his multinational businesses and as God continues to bless him, he will continue to render his philanthropic goodwill to Ndi Bende and Nigerians at large.

Joseph Ejindu.