Aba, the elephant city of innovation, creativity, Entrepreneurship and Ingenuity lost in the woes of abandonment has suddenly risen from the ashes of despondency to once again become the centre of enterprising activities powered by its known resilience and ability to rebound.

ACE Awards is the platform to celebrate, identify, reward, grow and encourage ingenious and innovative creative and entrepreneurs that have come to make Aba thick and put the city in the global map of Entrepreneurship and creativity.

Aba, the city that have birthed dreams of great stars in music, fashion, sports, innovation, technology and creativity. ACE Awards represents the aspirations of the founding fathers of the city of Aba as a home for every one who has dreams.

In this episode of ACE Award will be showcased, the best of entertainment, music, fashion display, comedy, dance, etc.

ACE Award will recognise industry leaders who are blazing the trail in their chosen creative and entrepreneurial careers. Top fashion and leather designers, best dancers and dance troupes, best comedians, poets, writers, athletes, most creative and Entrepreneurship supportive individuals, organisations and institutions.

ACE Awards will be a platform for aspiring creative and entrepreneurs to find inspiration to power their dreams, to flame their hopes and give them reasons to keep fighting to the top.

It will be a platform to showcase those who put the city and the ecosystem in the global Hall of fame and drive the needed traffic of stakeholders to build strong ecosystem that can grow more people to play in the space.

ACE Awards is envisioned to become a national and global brand platform for creative and entrepreneurs.

Welcome home, welcome to the place of entertainment, fire and power. Come let’s power your dreams, Come let’s power dreams, Come and live your dreams.

Abia are you ready?