Heavy weight of All Progressive Congress(APC) the deputy state chairman Hon.Ogunka Adiele John,ukwa west APC youth leader Comr.Chukwu Ogbuji,Obuzor-ward APC Chairman Comr.Ebere Chinoso and all the APC Obuzor-Ward Executive have today the 5th day of Oct,2021 defected to the people’s democratic party(PDP) at ward level.

In their defection speech;Hon.Chief Ogunka Adiele John stated that he left APC due to the crisis and lack of harmonization in the party inamd tussle of who is the party leader and who controls the party structure in the state, the same vein,he applauded PDP L.G.A and Obuzor-ward Chairmen for the enviable height they ‘ve taken PDP to and promised to give an immense contribution in making sure PDP scores 99% come 2023 general election.In the reception/acceptance speech by Obuzor-ward Chairman Comr.Bernard Nwachukwu;he assured Chief Ogunka Adiele John of high recognition as one time PDP aspirant for Federal House of Representative. Thereafter,the ukwa-west L.G.A party Chairman Hon.Enyite Kingsley in his response, admonished the party members and assured them of more defections of APC members to People’s Democratic Party(PDP)in few weeks time..Today the 5th day of October,2021 marks the end of APC in obuzor ward.