Ikwuano Deputy Chairman & Wife shares Stationeries to pupils as part of event to celebrate their birthday


During the week, the Deputy Chairman of Ikwuano Local Government Area and wife, Hon. & Mrs. Cokey Lordson Nwachukwu continued their birthday celebration by extending a hand of fellowship to the leaders of tomorrow in various primary schools that cuts across Ikwuano through the distribution of stationeries to aid their learning.

The under listed schools in Ikwuano got the Philanthropic gestures of this Young Couple.

(1) Amawom Community School, (Sch 1 & 2), Oboro
(2) Ihim Community Nursery and Primary School. Ibere.
(3) Ngwugwo Community Nursery and Primary School 1 & 2 ,Ibere.
(4) Umulu Community Nursery and Primary Migrant Farmers School,Ibere.
(5) Migrant Farmers School, Isiala Ahaba Oloko.
(6) Ahaba Ukwu Community Primary School,Oloko.
(7) Ariam/Usaka Community School (Sch 1 & 2), Ariam.

Speaking during the handover of the materials, Hon. Cokey stated that the importance of education can not be over emphasized as the pupils in the various schools are the hope of the Local Government, State and Nation in general.
He further advised the pupils to take their studies serious so as to achieve their future dreams and aspirations promising that he will be ready to help whenever beaconed on.

The Headmistress of some of the schools, Mrs Uchendu Oluchi(Head Mistress, Amawom Community School 1), Mrs Grace John Odokara (Head Mistress Ihim Community Nursery and Primary School)
while speaking after receiving the materials thanked the couple for this great gesture, praying that the good Lord will continue to bless them.

Highlights of the events includes; prayers offered to the couple, the Local Government and State in general by the pupils of the various schools.

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