By Ugochukwu Ugoji-Eke

A well known philanthropist, Dr Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso has challenged Nigerians irrespective of their standing in the society to always live a life of appreciation as they stand to gain from such lifestyle.

Anyaso an Igbere in Bende local government area of Abia state born astute business man said this during his monday weekly motivational speech which he shares to the people of Nigeria.

He said that when people are appreciated, that it goes a long way to recognise and also enjoy the good qualities of any person or something, “It is the awareness or understanding of the worth of someone or something”.

Anyaso a youthful businessman who always targets youths in his Monday speech maintained that life is short, therefore that people should be honoured while they are alive.

He said, “Life is short, give people their flowers while they are alive to smell it”, and not when they are no more as they will never know the smell of such flower.

The youth motivator challenged employers of labour to always appreciate their family, friends, colleagues, “And even that staff of yours who has brought value to your company”.

The business guru noted that one can only get the best out of his employees, friends, colleagues and family when they are appreciated.

He said, “There is a saying that there are good people everywhere, until you start searching, it is only then that you find out they are hard to find” therefore that people should value what they have through appreciation.

Anyaso who is the chairman of Caades group based his argument on the popular Igbo saying that, “When a child washes his hands very well that such child can eat with elders”.

He then charged Nigerians to learn to live a life exuding gratitude and appreciation at all times since it costs nothing to do so but rather brings out the best in such a person.