Dr Chima Desmond Anyaso, a youth motivator and a business man of note, has called on Nigerian youths who intend to go into private businesses to always look very well before they venture into such adventure.

Anyaso who is the chairman and chief executive of CAADES Group, a privately owned business outfit said this in his weekly message to the youths of the country, warning that failure to do due diligence before going into such business will lead to colossal failure.

He said, “As much as I champion the campaign for more youths to get into entrepreneurship, I will not fail to warn you that you must be rightly motivated if you want to succeed”.

The philanthropist noted that if the work anyone does earns him/her money to take care of their needs, feed their family and save for the future, then they are actually working for themselves.

Anyaso said that being one’s own boss is one of the best ways to encourage private entrepreneurship and also one of the easiest ways to ruin the business ventures of many people because of lack of proper planning and motivation.

He said, “Be Your Own Boss is about the most condescending way to encourage entrepreneurship but unfortunately it is one of the highest driving forces in pushing young people into entrepreneurship failure if not properly done”.

“A lot of young people have been cajoled to cut short their blossoming careers simply on the promise of becoming their own boss”.

“I know young people who resigned from good paying jobs with great prospects only to venture into entrepreneurship unprepared and wrongly motivated and today some of them are begging for lower positions than they were when they resigned”.

The founder and sponsor of Ahuoma foundation warned that if the youths are venturing into private businesses simply because they are answerable to others, that such move is bound to fail because they are not properly motivated.

“If your reason for wanting to start your own company is because you are tired of being told what to do, you are wrongly motivated”.

Anyaso said, “Don’t go into entrepreneurship with the mindset that becoming your own boss means you are no longer accountable or answerable to anyone”, stressing that doing so is wrong as you are answerable to yourself and those you have employed.

He recalled that there are very many successful career people who never owned a company.

The oil magnet said that the right motivation for successful entrepreneurship is the motivation to help others solve their problems, to serve others diligently and offer them the best services in other to earn their loyalty and win their business.

He noted that when one opens an enterprise, such a person is doing that with the aim of helping others as much as he/she is helping themselves, pointing out that failure to move or think in this direction means downfall is near and then warned, to “Look before you leap”.