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XENDER is one of the most powerful apps you should have on your smartphone

It is widely known for faster sharing of files such as Videos, Audios, Pictures, Apk and any other shareable files.

However, file sharing is not the only function of Xender.

It has other equally powerful features that you are yet to tap its benefits.

In this article, I reveal to you 4 other functions of Xender you should start utilizing now.


📌Video to Mp3 Converter

Xender has a feature you can use to convert your videos to audios. With this feature, you can turn all your video courses to audio course so that you can listen to them while you are engaged with other things.

To use this feature,
Launch your Xender app. Look below the opened interface.

You will see “ToMp3”. Tap on it.

Select a video from your gallery or wherever it is located on your phone.

Wait as Xender automatically converts the video to audio.

Go back to your music player and enjoy. Alternatively, you can listen to it right there in the app.


📌Download Facebook, Instagram or Twitter video

Have you ever watched a video on Facebook, IG or Tiktok you wish to have on your phone?

With Xender, you can easily transport your favorite social media videos onto your phone.

To use this feature,
Go to your preferred Social media and copy the link 🔗 of the video you want to download

Next, Launch the Xender app.

Tap on “Social”. Select “Downloader”.

Paste the link in the box. Tap download. Wait for the video to download.

📌Whatsapp Status Saver

You don’t need to install a Whatsapp status saver if you have Xender already. Xender can do what status saver does and even more.

To use this feature,
Open your WhatsApp. View various statuses.

Launch the Xender app. Tap on “Social” at the bottom of the interface.

Tap on “Status.” All your viewed status will show up.

Select the ones you want to save and save.

Alternatively, you can view the statuses