By Ikechukwu Iroha

Make no mistakes about it, Anambra electorates have started the revolution in earnest against the All Progressive Congress (APC ) in Nigeria. The trend is just at the embryonic stage that will surely develop and spread across the nooks and crannies of the nation.

Those who are of the opinion that Andy Ubah performed poorly at the pools in Anambra because of his public rating coupled with the way he struggled to extract his feet from his mouth during the televised gubernatorial debate last week Monday, are actually not being fair to the Aguata born former Senator of the federal Republic.

APC’s Andy Ubah was just unfortunate to be on the ballot at this particular time. Voters in Anambra displayed bravery despite the long shadow of fear and misery as a result of insecurity in the region just to prove a point that Igbos have indeed rejected APC.

It’s safe to say that the 62 years old politician was thrown in a cross fire as a sacrificial lamb to test the resolve of Ndi Igbo against marginalization, nepotism, killings and injustice.

There have never been any political party in Nigeria that has shown disdain and wickedness against Igbos, the extent APC has shown indifference to our existence. Our brothers in APC should be pitied. The late afrobeat and multiple-instrumentalist, Fela Kuti had them in mind when he released his hit track “Suffering and Smilling”. What else could make someone embrace injustice against his people in the name of political party loyalty ?

In Abia, the party has become rudderless in a desolate landscape. Till this moment, no APC member is sure of the faction where he/she belongs, as the party leadership is still going to be a decision of the court. It is a common knowledge that those who can’t settle their differences should not meddle into State affairs.

It is rumored that the self styled leader of the party in Abia, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu has reached out to Chief Ikechi Emenike for a truce. We understand that this agreement is for the later to consider his senate return ticket as a prerequisite for his support.

This arrangement has thrown the supporters of OUK into shamblesand confusion because of their earlier believe that the Igbere born politician was the alpha and Omega of Abia APC. With Onyejiocha also warming up to try her hand in the party’s senatorial tussle for ticket, it is yet to be seen if APC will go ahead and choose a man convicted with corruption in billions.

The brags and boasts of taking over Abia State by APC should be considered a wet dream that will never materialize. If the APC does not take Igbos for granted, we should actually be seeing mass exodus of their members into other parties in protest against the evil treatment of their brothers in the Southeast. That the party is discussing 2023, is an indication that their Igbo members are in support of all ill treatment against Igbos.

It should worry any full blooded Igbo that no Igbo man attends a security meeting in the nation to discuss insecurity in the southeast, so it will be difficult to blame the people of Southeast when they harbor the notion that federal government has a hand in insecurity in the southeast…

Watch out for part 3