Chima Anyasọ has continued to x-ray what distinguishes him from others.

Earlier in the week, in his regular weekly Motivational post on his social media handles to Nigerian Youths, his followers cum admirers, Dr. Anyaso cited the numerous admirable qualities of a leader or an aspiring leader which he listed to include the ability to balance between sternness, productivity, and kindness.

Anyasọ rhetorically asked his followers how do you balance between productivity and Kindness.

This week alone, Anyasọ has answered his rhetorics by presenting a brand new generating set to Mr. and Mrs. Chidi Kalu of Agbamuzu in Bende ward through the Director General (DG) of his Chima Anyaso Foundation, Chief Iboko Okey Iboko.

Mr. Chidi Kalu a staff of Abia Warriors FC is a strong supporter of Anyaso, while his wife Mrs. Juliet Kalu is the Coordinator of Action Ladies, another Supporters group of Dr. Anyaso.

Dr. Anyaso has shown that kindness is the thin line that transforms people from being unemployed to being fully employed and productive.

Although this particular act of kindness to this couple is empowerment geared towards helping the beneficiaries prosper in their business that has been suffering because of no electricity power at Bende.

Whereas, in Uzuakoli village, Dr. Anyaso sent his foundation executives to go and pay tuition fees to some students as the fulfillment of the Foundation grants his CHIMA ANYASO FOUNDATION gave them some time ago.

Dr. Anyaso yet again has proven this week that the best way to interact with subordinates is through kindness instead of sternness.

In this week’s motivational post, Dr. Anyaso is quoted thus,

“Mean and unkind people always find a convenient excuse for their meanness but I assure you that wickedness is not conditional, it is inherent”.

He concluded by urging youths of the country to be kind, be gracious, be humane, stressing that such attributes pay at the end of the day.