Dr Chima Anyaso, the chairman of CAADES group, has called on youths and others in the country especially those in authority to always treat any issue concerning people with all amount of seriousness as doing otherwise will create vacuum in the system.

Anyaso said this in his Monday weekly motivational message to the people of the country with the title, ‘At the center of every innovation, invention or discovery is the human being’.

He said, “Your earthly pursuits, your dreams and aspirations are not more important than the human being whom your efforts are meant to serve”.

The group chairman of CAADES noted that human being is the main course of whatsoever God has created and that people should as a matter of importance respect that vision of God, “At the center of every innovation, invention or discovery is the Human Being”.

The philanthropist of note within and outside Igboland said that the world revolves around human beings, adding that everything created was created to enable human being explore and maximize their potentials.

He explained that the real value of any discovery, invention or investment is its usefulness to humans, “Any thing that has no human angle to it, is not meant for humans and therefore has no meaning to mankind”.

Anyaso said that the above argument, “Buttresses the point that the human is the singular most important creature of God on Earth and he, God, places much value on the human. But what value do you place on the human being?

He said that God made this world in such a way that we must exist together in love and happiness and wondered why pepple are trying so very hard to make it an unpleasant place to live, yet they keep failing on daily bases.

The individual free education facilitator said, “The world is designed such that no one single person can survive alone, it is designed such that by collaboration, societies evolve, develop and grow. And we can see that the more value a people place on the sanctity of life the more they develop”.

The business guru said that the same thing is applicable to each and everyone of us as an individual, “If you don’t place more value on the people around you, you will not be able to develop relationships and collaborations that will propel you to your next level”.

“If you see people as disposable and expendable you will treat them that way and they too will in turn treat you the same thereby isolating you and impairing your potentials”.

The founder of Ahuoma Anyaso Free Education Foundation ended his weekly motivational message to all of us by saying we should all be humane, be humble and be neigbborly in all our dealings with people around us for our immediate environment and the world at large to be a better place.

Ugochukwu Ugoji-Eke