Optimism has been defined by Dr. China Anyaso as, an avenue through which many people see possibilities where others see failure.

Anyaso said when faced with the challenges of life, that optimism is the will one needs to conquer such challenges.

He said this while delivering his weekly motivational social media post to Nigerian youths saying that with optimism that one can overcome the challenges and he can also have the courage to accept ones he can’t change.

Anyaso, a philanthropist and youth leader,
who is the chairman of the CAADES group explained that optimism is one of the characteristic keys of success, “Without it, success feels like a failure and there will be no gratitude”.

The business mogul further asserted that “With the myriads of problems in today’s Nigeria, it takes optimism to try, to chase your dreams, and to believe your dreams are achievable”.

Anyaso said that people especially the youths should not feel depressed over their inability to achieve all they have planned to achieve this year, pointing out that all they need to do is to keep forging ahead.

He said, “If your long list of things to achieve in 2021 are largely unticked, be optimistic and keep pushing, as nothing is impossible where God, hard work, and optimism are involved”.

Anyaso continued, “Little victories justify optimism and shine a light of hope on the big dreams. It’s still a good year, as it has not ended and God is still on the throne”.

He enjoined the youths of Nigeria wherever they may find themselves that good things, “Happen when we are undeterred when faced with the challenges of life”.

Ugochukwu Ugoji-Eke