On Sunday 6th February 2022, Umuaba Connect, a community and human capital development-focused organization ably led by our own Dr. Chima Desmond Anyaso redeemed their pledge to the winners they sponsored during the ACE Awards held last December 2021.

ACE (ABIA CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR) Awards is a beautiful public-private partnership initiative to grow MSMEs in Abia State and the Nation at large.

Umuaba Connect sponsored 4 categories of the awards to the tune of two million Naira.

All the winners have confirmed that they have all gotten alerts.

The President of the NGO, Dr. Chima Anyasọ while presenting the awards said that one of the major business success factors for a startup is the entrepreneur’s ability to galvanize friends, family, and acquaintances into a strong buying community. “You can’t have all the money you need for marketing, hiring staff, office space, or shop and this challenge is the reason you need a community. Your first set of clients, marketers, advisers should be the community you’ve built around yourself” Dr. Chima as quoted.

The President also said that entrepreneurs should not be loners or prideful and they shouldn’t be shy and reclusive, but build a community they can leverage upon or attach themselves to. A community that will help them, support them and cheer them unto victory.

The Umuaba Presido and a serial entrepreneur himself, Dr. Chima, further emphasized the need why every business owner should hone their social skills, learn to make quality friends, and be active as well.

“Support your friends, be active in your community, contribute to the growth around your environment. Always be seen and heard. Attract positivity and exude positivity” he added.

He briefly told a story of what happened during the ill-fated event of 2020.

”When we launched the @thecornichehotel amidst COVID-19 restrictions and economic hardship, we were able to generate a nine-figure revenue simply by attending to friends and acquaintances, that’s the power of the community”.

During the award event, over 20 million Naira went directly to Creatives and Entrepreneurs and the sponsors paid the monies directly to the winners.