There comes a time in the social life of every society that the need for a paradigm shift from the known to the possible becomes sacrosanct, especially when the desire and the need for true emancipation become pressing and imperative to attain a greater height.

The prevalent situation in the representation of Arochukwu State Assembly is such that it has posed a question that requires some answers like; “who will rescue our people?”, ” where do we go from here?”, etc, etc. The rhetorics becomes endless and lost in uncertainty.

But there is always light at the end of every tunnel, there is always a sigh of relief that ends every moment of cry to usher in a moment of laughter, such is always embedded in the audacity of hope for the people when the right leaders take up the helms of affairs.

Prince Ike Okorafor is not an emergency politician with a desperate ambition to lead or die trying, rather, his decision to contest and lead his people is borne out of love and concern for true change and development because the people need to feel dividends of democracy closer to them.

2023 is a defining year in the political landscape of Nigeria when men will be selected based on antecedent, pedigree and charisma. This is no time of favouring inexperienced and poor loyalists with the collective patrimony of the people, rather it is time to send forth men who are ready to work for the people with their resources, Dike Ogu 1 of Abam meets the criterion that elucidates HOPE, development and future for our dear Constituency.

The time to make the right choice is now, the right choice is to support Prince Ike Okorafor to represent Arochukwu Constituency in the Abia State Assembly.