by Dr Charles okhai

Rivers only flow downward. It is therefore an aberation to have a river flow upwards. It should not be, and it can never be. This gives a vivid picture of the rumour flying around the former President Jonathan is planning or has secretly defected to the ruling party, APC. This cannot be that Jonathan is planning to cross carpet to APC party is on the least very disturbing and disheartening. A cursory look at his political anti cedent does not support this rumour. If it is true, then his political enemies have gotten him. This is because of the possible consequences it will have on President Jonathan’s legacies.

I don’t have any personal grudges against APC as a political party. Some of the political gladiators who are faithful members of APC are my personal friends, and they remain my friends even till tomorrow. This is because members of a political party are just a group of individuals sharing the same political ideology, hence cross carpeting occurs when such ideology gets fractured in whatever way. This is why it appears abnormal for former President Jonathan to even entertain the idea of being part of APC. How could he suddenly abdicate his well respected political position, as well as abandon his political allies just in a blink of an eye?

Should it happen, then President Jonathan would have successfully destroyed reputation, his political image, and his legacies which he has spent decades of years to build. I don’t think any man in his right senses would thread the part of self destruction so cheaply.

Though, we have witnessed a good number of political jugarnuts, some of them are Senators, and others are seating Governors. I have tried in my private corner to rationalize the driving force behind such a move, but I just can’t find any justifiable or genuine reasons beyond greed, self centeredness, and lack of integrity.

So, what on Earth would make President Jonathan take such a serious but stupid decision, what will become of his towering status as a man of integrity, what will happen to his tag as a leader with a purpose beyond himself, what about his political loyalists who have been standing behind him for his political and moral values, what about his undisputed rating as a man of high democratic principles, and much more as a world ambassador for peace. All this, and more, are probing questions that President Jonathan should address his mind.

But I stand to trivialize the rumour of his intention to cross carpet, because one major virtue a leader should not fail to embrace is persistence. It constitutes a high percentage of our abilities as leaders. Persistence propels potential to perfection. Persistence requires that we keep unshakably our identity and standard.

The true quality of any leader is measured by his ability to keep to his identity and standard. The day a leader loses his identity, he automatically loses his place in history. Therefore, the quality of leaders is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

The Japanese recognize three mode of powers. One, the power of the Sword. Two, the power of Jewels, and third, the power of the Mirror. Notably, America and some other super nations have spent trillions on acquisition of power because they place very high premium on power. On the other hand, the Jewel symbolizes the power of money, and often than not, those who spend their life chasing money are little minded. And the Mirror, interestingly symbolizes the power of self knowledge, and Identity. This is the most treasured of them all. President Jonathan should and must keep his eyes on this virtue of the mirror. A Word is enough for the wise.

Charles Okhai
Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists (NACJ).