Chief Kalu idika Okwara has launched a personal informative website ahead of the 2023 gubernatorial election in Abia state.

Kalu confirmed ownership of the site in a statement signed by his media office, noting that “it will be the only reliable source, for everything about Chief Kalu Idika.

“This will be a platform for voters to connect with his personal philosophy and stay up to date with events leading up to the election.

“Kalu idika believes in the potency of an open channel of communication between the campaign team and the deciders of the election- the voters; and has remained steadfast in his commitment to be transparent and accessible.

“Voters can read about him and learn about his agenda and vision in an unfiltered way through this informative online platform.

“This is a progressive initiative that demonstrates Kalu idika’s forward-thinking leadership style and the kind of dynamic decisive action he intends to bring to the table as governor in 2023.

“With his willingness to move the narrative of good governance beyond traditional sense, and usher in a new era of leadership style, Kalu idika continues to re shape what it means to vie for office and continues to show that a new age is about to unfold in 2023.

“Seeking to challenge the status quo, chief Kalu idika wants to redefine and reinstate quality leadership in Abia by deploying his peculiar perspectives and Godly principles.

“He will achieve this through a mixture of sheer impetus and far-reaching influence. A leader should be able to inspire consensus amongst people whether through stimulating, or standard tactics, a leader has to have the ability to move their people forward to a common goal and chief Kalu idika continues to show antecedents of a qualified leader.

“This personal informative site will serve as a point of contact for those that want to keep up with Kalu idika and support his gubernatorial bid. It will boost engagement and keep people in the discussion, foster a trusting relationship between Kalu idika and his supporters and help create a culture of openness and trust throughout the electoral process,” the statement said.

The website is at