One significant thing about the declaration of Prince Ike Okorafor (Dike Ogu 1 of Abam), to contest for the seat of Arochukwu State Constituency, Abia State Assembly is the reality that in as much as many see him as Yankee-Breed in Local Politics, a fresh horn in the game, the fact remains that he is a young man that has been in touch with home, its challenges, its ups and downs, and has contributed immensely to processes of finding succour to her many problems all his life. He has been an active politician and card-carrying member of the PDP since 1999 when Democracy regained hold of Nigeria politics.

Before relocating to the US for Academic pursuits and his entrepreneurial escapades (which has always been brought home through education, agriculture investment and human capital developments), first, he grew up in Abam and participated in all activities that are considered the right processes of equipping every young Igbo man in the art of enterprise. These include but are not limited to activities like going to stream to fetch water, helping out in farm works, fetching firewood, cassava etc) associated with survival within the rural areas.

Also, he is a village boy, born and educated at  home within the close tutelage of his parents and late grandfather,

In other words, he struggled just like every other average child of his time without a particular edge over others in form of quick cuts beyond the little pecks that comes naturally with Royalty.

As a growing lad, Ike Okorafor did his best not to rely on the undue advantage of his parenthood, but had a strong faith in God and was determined to acquire education as the tool to liberate himself. He is fearless and determined on the path of truth because education is a true massacre of the soul, a privilege he has got his fair share through hard work.

Ike Okorafor is not a sycophant like most people who must defend lies to put food on their table. He is straightforward, a very humble young man with the heart of gold.
He is very accessible, has a listening ear and he does not discriminate.  Ike is very responsible and respectful regardless of your class and status and these are verifiable facts. Above all, he has, in the cause of his political development inclined to speak the truth to powers that be in defence of his people.

Democracy is about relationships and being passionate about your people, he has epitomized it by being in touch with the people while pursuing a civilised way of life to transform his people. This is clear proof that if given the opportunity to represent his people he will do exceptionally better.

Prince Okorafor is not a personality that believes in disrespecting elders, dividing to rule or betraying the trust of his people, he is a man of his words. Integrity is synonymous with the personality of Ike.

One of the sources of our problem, especially with the crop of people we have consistently supported to represent us is that there has been a lack of integrity and requisite antecedents needed to make the right impact.

Prince Ike Okorafor will do better for the people of the  Arochukwu State Constituency if given the opportunity because he is a blend of the ancient and average Arochukwu life and contemporary politics.

The time is now – NEWNESS 2023! Ike will do better.

©Prince Ike Okorafor Media Team, 2023.