NO, WE JUST CAN’T THROW AWAY ALL by Hon Achilihu Destiny C.


Let me begin by giving due diligence to the Merit of this article. In the last few weeks, activities preceding to the 2023 General elections have scaled up, with arguments, especially among the various three senatorial zones in Abia state over which zone Should produce what and where. That’s usual and normal, as it’s never new.

In the Senatorial zone where I come from, being Abia central senatorial zone, the heat is on and going. Let me at this point commend them, especially the youths for their steadfastness, commitment and above all, the peaceful disposition with which they have exhibited in the agitation and quest for the Governorship position. I’m one of you. I’m proud of you guys. Kudos.

However, in a conversation I recently had with some of our brothers, I noticed with dismay that the issue for the agitation for the Guber slot of Umunneato extraction of Abia central senatorial zone seems to have completely beclouded our agitation for the other positions that are equally due to us, not only by favour but by merit and in the spirit of equity, fairness and justice.

Those who have followed the political trajectory of the State since 1999 would agree with me that Isiala Ngwa North deserves more than the Governorship slot of the State as at present. It will therefore amount to insensitivity and political recklessness for the people of the local government to accept some and reject some for any political consideration.

No right thinking person sells his birthright. Esau who did it wasn’t alive to tell the story. I have equally enjoyed a very Ngwa popular, but thoughtful song which point to illustrate that E jighi agba Nwoko ibe (You don’t pledge a man).

History will not forgive us if we fail to demand all that are due to us today, as Any attempt to be selective or rather jettison some and accept some may be regrettable.

Without sounding immodest or arrogant, let me State it once again that history, equity and justice favours the people of Isiala Ngwa North to produce the following;

A. The next Governor of the State.

B. The next senator that will represent Abia central at the Red Chambers, and

C. The next member that will represent Isiala Ngwa North/South in at the Green Chambers.

The truth is that we aren’t asking for too much, rather that is simply a reward for patience and the huge support we’ve over the years extended to our brothers from sister local government areas. If we had waited patiently in supporting them, they should equally reciprocate now by supporting us, which I know they will.

A case in study is Obingwa Local government area that currently produces the governor of the State and the Senator representing the zone in the national assembly, as well as Umuahia North that has a Senator and a speaker of the state house and is even from one family. I could go on and on.

This article therefore stands as a Wake up call to all political leaders, power brokers and opinion moulders from Isiala Ngwa North to ensure that negotiation on these offices are thorough and that no single political office due to Isiala Ngwa North will be lost.

To our teeming youths, the Time to change strategy in our demands for political offices due to Isiala Ngwa North is now.

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