Ohafia South 2023: Hon. Ebin Kalu consults with PDP Stakeholders, makes strong case


The foremost contender for 2023  Ohafia South Constituency in Abia State Assembly, Hon. Ebin Kalu Orji (popularly known as Chief Obia Kalu), has continued to make inroads through pragmatic efforts geared towards making case for the need to allow Okamu Ward to represent Ohafia South in an elective capacity as it has never happened in Ohafia since the creation of Abia State and return to Democracy.

This he has done by taking conscientious steps to consult with leaders of the party in Ohafia and beyond to understand the reasons to support a candidate from Okon-Aku Autonomous Community in Okamu Ward in the spirit of Equity, a truth upon which Ohafia is making demand for Ohafia4Gov within Abia North Senatorial District as no Okon-Aku man has ever represented Ohafia in any elective capacity.

“I am making a great effort to ensure that the leadership of my great party, PDP, see the need to support and ensure the election of a candidate from Okamu ward is made possible to give us an edge to have role models in politics as a means to help our youths stop seeing crime and negative vices as attractive.

“Okon-Aku has always played a great role in the emergence of leaders in government at every level, but have never had the opportunity to represent Ohafia at any point.

“We have lacked political role-models for long because no politician has ever represented our people in government. This is a sorry situation Ohafia have to look into in the spirit of equity and Fairplay that is propelling Ohafia’s demand for fair share from Abia State. The charity must begin at home” he said.

He was received by many PDP stalwarts in Ohafia as he continues the grassroots consultation of stakeholders to garner their total support for Okamu man and party faithful of long-standing loyalty to emerge to Represent Ohafia South Constituency at the Abia State Assembly, 2023.

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