The war between Russia and Ukraine is simply a mere show of superiority by Russian President. Mr Putin is flexing his nuclear muscle power for the world to develop cold feet before Russia. Ukraine is unfortunately the victim of President Putin. But how did Russia and Ukraine get to this point? This paramount question may never be adequately answered except a proper narrative of the ” relationship gone sour” between the two counties is given.

Russia in this discourse is a polygamous husband to many wives like Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belorussia, Ukraine and the other ex- Soviet Republics.

In 1991, Ukraine demanded a divorce from Russia. This didn’t go down well with Russia, but grudgingly and reluctantly granted Ukraine her request. But this was not without Russia’s display of her toxicity and ego, she would rather see Ukraine remain under her apron spring.

But Ukraine as a dynamic lady rapidly developed herself into one of the most beautiful women to behold just after her divorce from Russia. And to the dismay and chagrin of Russia, Ukraine suddenly grown and developed to become a synosur of all eyes, a center of attraction that could not be ignored, a personality that attracted NATO. So, Ukraine’s natural endowment automatically earned her recognition from NATO, a counterpart to Russia.

The relationship between NATO and Ukraine started growing at a speedy level, thereby unsettling the nerves of Russia, the ex- husband.

As expected of a toxic narcissist, Russia went berserk. He considered that a relationship between Ukraine and NATO will breed conspiratorial connivance which poses a more significant threat to the masculinity and ego of Russia.

NATO, also a polygamist like Russia, her wives include Uk, US, Greece, Germany, Spain, and many more. For NATO, the addition of Ukraine to his fleet of wives makes makes him more powerful as well as, gives him an upper hand ahead of Russia.

For Russia, NATO and Ukraine relationship poses a grandiose threat to his territory. Therefore, he is committed to ensuring that the relationship never works.

In his efforts to truncate this relationship, Russia now wants to emasculate Ukraine and compel her to re- establish a relationship with him again. Russian leader, President Putin, is no doubt a nationalist of some sort, a fascist in the mode of Adolf Hitler. This is the driving force behind the current Russia and Ukraine face up. Russia wants to force Ukraine out of NATO.

If Russia insists, the conflict may degenerate to a full scale world war. But if the news about cease fire we are getting is true, then Russia has suddenly discovered that the EMASCULATION of Ukraine is not going to happen as cheaply as she thought.

By Dr Charles Okhai
Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists (NACJ).

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