As the race for Enugu Government House continues to gather momentum, frontline aspirants have emerged, qualified men with requisite credentials to turn around the fortunes of the Coal City State. 

As a result of the desire for political fresh air in Enugu State, Nkemakonam Dickson Orji remains the best leg forward in the quest for a New Dawn beyond 2023. 

We will all agree that presently, our Enugu state is in dire need of fresh ideologies to change her condition after suffering incremental maladministration due to a lack of political will to deliver optimally to the good of the masses. We have suffered in terms of bad governance, underdevelopment and lack of political will for change, these are the political monsters we need to tackle headlong with the urgency it deserves, a march to a New Dawn. 

The purpose of this truth is not to disparage any past or present leader of the State, nor to throw tantrums,  but to emphasize the fact that in the political status of Enugu State, albeit, her development in terms of shifting to a more successful society, lies in our ability to make the right choice of supporting a youthful, pragmatic, and energetic leader like Nkemakonam, with the right ideologies to deliver optimal dividends of democracy. 

Enugu state needs a touch of experience, executable ideas, and the political willpower to drive such change that will refocus, reinvent and reposition the State for the required progress. For a man with a bachelor’s degree in political science and government, a master’s degree in defence and strategic studies, and extensive experience in security, rehabilitation and human development, there’s no better person for this job than NKEMAKONAM DICKSON ORJI, especially at a time when the rate of unemployment continues to grow, and the insecurity in the state has undoubtedly, risen to the fore.  

In this light, it will not be out of place to insist that rather than waste another precious year of Ndi Enugu which ultimately will further draw us back so badly that it will make posterity not to judge us fairly for such an error of commission, it will be more rewarding, therefore, to support Nkemakonam Dickson Orji for a better deal in our desired future as a people. We must insist on this paradigm shift that has offered us respite through his candidacy. 

It is on this note that I enjoin our dear Enugu Citizens and residents, to look at their pursuit from the prism of reality and hope for a dying and comatose state yearning for a new dawn in 2023. 

We need a man with political fresh ideas and the wherewithal to transform ideas into developmental realities, a man with political pragmatism to turn around the numerous potential pitfalls prevalent in contemporary Enugu. Let’s do it togtogether, for posterity.

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