Arochukwu Constituency 2023: Ike Okorafor, our best leg forward.


One of the parting gifts of 2023 political dispensation to Nigerians is that it is going to offer us the opportunity to correct any errors in the way players view politics and change the orientation of the average Nigerians who have suddenly felt inclined to political happenstances around them which have heightened the desire to push for a change in status quo from selecting leaders of the people for them to the people voting who will lead them.

This awareness has become more obvious as a result of the despondency and epileptic developmental strides of the people entrusted with the responsibility of charting a new way for the electorates by bringing dividends of democracy closer to them but has not been the case in decades as the current crop of leaders see occupying the elective position as an opportunity to change their lives and that of their immediate families, thereby reneging on the social contract of representing the people.

Yet we are not completely hopeless that our collective patrimony had been misused, rather we are confident and comforted that the current, forlorn state of leadership irresponsibility to the people has thrown up reputable men/women who feel psychotically insulted and challenged that they have thrown their cap in the ring to drive change if availed of the opportunity by the people.

Prince Ike Okorafor (IOK Liberation Movement ) is one of such men who has taken the challenge to unseat mediocrity and enthrone merit as the only antidote to driving true development through healthy representation because democracy without dividends is like a private company where the people are only helpless spectators.

As a social contract with the people, Prince Ike Okorafor believes that the only way to represent the electorates well is to create avenues that will cushion the effect development on the scarce resources of the people because depending totally on the thin allocation of the constituency can only strangulate possible progress, but creating channels of income, empowerment, employment, etc, will ameliorate suffering and raise hope.

Little wonder Ike Okorafor left the comfort of his US businesses to return home and serve the people of Arochukwu State Constituency in the Abia State Assembly. He has done well to build wealth to cushion stress on scarce resources by establishing lucrative people-oriented businesses like Pig Farms, Feed Company, etc, that is already employing a good number of youths. A good way to fight increasing crimes and create employment.

On the political landscape, Prince Ike Okorafor will be a politician with the right tentacles to reach out to the powers that be and bring dividends of democracy to the good people of Arochukwu.

As an erudite scholar and an exposed individual, he sits on tables with who is who in Abia State where matters of political gains are discussed, shared and taken home for the people. This comparative advantage is indeed a plus the electorates must not toy with or throw away out of sentiments or otherwise because it will mean losing the opportunity for quality representation for almost another decade.

As the negotiations for better social justice for Arochukwu State Constituency are at their very peak, it is a social responsibility of the people to look beyond the veils of political blackmail, avoid career politicians without sources to create resources and follow known successful candidates like Prince Ike Okorafor whom even before declaring interest to represent his people, had brought employment home through investment.

Indeed, as far as good representation beyond 2023 is concerned, Prince Ike Okorafor is the best foot forward for Arochukwu State Constituency.

©️ IOK Liberation Movement (Media Team), 2023.

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