Ohafia South 2023: Okon-Aku In Diaspora, Elites, Endorse Ebin Kalu, insists on equity.


In the build-up to the contest for who willrepresent the good people of Ohafia South Constituency in the Abia State Assembly come 2023, interest has begun to align in solidarity with preferred candidates coupled with consultations that have produced tangible results for some aspiring candidates.

Hon. Ebin Kalu Orji (Chief Obia Kalu), apart from having all the qualifications, educationally, politically and otherwise, needed to vie for the position of Representative of Ohafia South State Constituency, has continued to harp on the need for Ohafia as a people to show equity to people of Okon-Aku Ohafia in Okamu Ward who has, despite being one of the “A” Communities in Ohafia, never been allowed to represent Ohafia people at any elective position, arguing that “he who must come to equity must come with clean hands”.

It is on this premise that the entire Okon-Aku has thrown their weight behind their son, Hon Ebin Kalu Orji, to demand the support of the entire Ohafia people to ensure Okon-Aku born candidate emerge elected as that will be a good example that Ohafia believes in the EQUITY they seek from Abia State in the popular Ohafia4Gov 2023.

Prominent among the canvasers are Okon-Aku Elites Group led by Prof O. N. Njoku of the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka who voiced this out in a statement issue by them, and signed by her General Secretary, Elder Theophilus Mba.

Another unanimous voice on the need for power shift to Okamu Ward, is a group of Okon-Aku in Diaspora led by Chief Okpo Ekea of the United States of America, who has thrown their weight behind Hon. Obia Kalu through moral and financial support, and has encouraged Ohafia Ofula Ishii to recognise the contributions of the Okon-Aku Autonomous Community to the development of Ohafia both home and abroad.

A Prominent Okon-Aku born Industrialist, Engineer and one of foremost Ohafia politician, Chief Ndukwe Iko, is not left out of this demand for equity as he has thrown his weight behind Hon. Ebin Kalu, encouraging Ohafia as a people to support rotational leadership to reinvent and ensure that the warriors’ can-do spirit of Ohafia does not die, insisting that it is only when the balance is struck that unity of Ohafia will continue to wax stronger.

Meanwhile, Hon. Ebin Kalu has demonstrated capacity through building bridges as a seasoned politician and has assured the good people of Ohafia South that he will institute an all-inclusive representation that will give every Ohafia South Citizen a heightened sense of belonging if given the mandate.

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