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Professor May Ifeoma Nwoye in her book oil cemetery vividly spoke about oppression, subjugation and marginalization of a society or people, in that literary piece the author told a story about a people whom fate was not fair to, a people highly improvised by the system and their leaders, a society that was visibly endowed with human and material resources yet society kept them away from the scheme of her benefits until nature availed such a society a savior whom took up leadership for the liberalization of his people.

Literarily there is a widely used adage amongst the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria that states ‘’ Nwa eze adighi efu na mba’’ which literarily means that the identity of a prince cannot just be mistaken in a far land’’,

Chief Chuku wachuku as history puts it appears to be one of the best amongst the few eminent Nigerians and Abians whom have consistently shown commitment, passion for service and willingness to represent the ordinary and the helpless citizen as he as dramatized severally while discharging various responsibilities that has been entrusted to him in the line of service.

Meanwhile it is important to note that the Ngwa born Technocrat had travelled round the world to get the best of education in country like united states and later returned to Nigeria where he has served our nation at various capacities such as Director General of National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Board member at SMEDAN, NASSENI, RMRDC as well as a Chief executive officer at ICED, AIEN and other notable appointments too numerous to mention, at some point in Gods own state of Abia this icon was appointed member, Abia state university governing council. The servant leader has also been a recipient of various prestigious awards like the national productivity award (NPMA), national award for excellence by the national institute for public relations (NIPR) and several other notably professional certificates and recognitions across the globe.

Arguably this renowned Economist, Technocrat and Stateman undoubtably remains one of the finest elite in our todays Nigeria having shown enormous capacity and dexterity at managing resources and institutions and that alone has placed the Ngwa Born Servant leader and technocrat on the map of resourceful Nigerians whom have shown exceptional and unmatched commitment to service and the nation at large as that calls for every right thinking sons or daughters of Ngwa origin to further rally round him as we collectively persuade the veteran to further seek more leadership positions which will in turn give credence to our society and as well open more corridors of development within the senatorial district of Abia central.

Moreover, in the interest of equity and fairness it also important for all the people of Abia central to further seek means of supporting a decent man of Ngwa extraction in order to balance political equation between Umunneato Ngwa of Old Aba division and Ikwuano/Umuahia of Old Bende division.

We cannot as a people continue to complain at the center while we dramatize ostrich position at home, people can only categorize us a foolish entities that is devoid of bravery, direction and sense of responsibility. Ndi Ngwa must endeavor to send their best to the field else we shall all continue in gross marginalization and systemic neglect, but we can do better, yes we can jettison betrayals and appreciate unison and we have got the material on the person of CHIEF CHUKU WACHUKU URI-CHINDERE of Ngwa Land lets send him to go for us.

SUPPORT Chief Chuku wachuku for Senate, Abia Central.

Ngwafactsnews media reports

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