Politics is the means by which a community makes collective decisions about public issues as it affects them both socially and economically. Suffice to say that politics is the shell that houses public policies and policy making does not exist in a vaccum. This embryonic development breeds decisions and actions that may be taken by the government when addressing public issues. It is therefore safe to assume that there will no public policy without Politics.

The assertion above goes further to stratify politics as a phenomenon that can either be deceptive cum illusive or forthright cum solution-oriented. Politics of deception replicates policies that are not impactful in the society while the later says otherwise. Politicians who lacks moral ideologies and strategic approaches to developing a dynamic and resilient society are bereft of ideas that culminates into impactful policies, hence they become mere conspiracies to the unsusceptible public. The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted.

It is on this aegis that Prince Ike Okorafor having listened and observed the state of public opprobrium politics has induced his people into decided to seek for a legal platform to salvage and offer solutions to the woes and cries of the people faced with impactless and obnoxious policies.This intervention is also timely because the defunct order of Nigerian politics created a serene environment for mediocrity, poor governance, zero accountability of stewardship and politics of deception but contrary to the status-quo, the newly ammended electoral act has flagged off a new dispensation and presents a presage of hope for the rural populace. Ike Okorafor if given an opportunity will bring succor and wipe away the tears of people who have been overwhelmingly socially excluded.

Governments under the stronghold of sound political leaders play a huge part in solving problems affecting the society. Such problems that bothers on infrastructure, skill development, community development, social amenities, health and security needs pressing attention and this is what IOK Liberation Movement stands for. It must be noted clearly that Prince Ike Okoroafor is not a werewolf nor a coward and cannot be cajoled into abandoning his people. He will not start up 100 projects and abandon them but whatever he invests on will make Arochukwu a Centre for tourism.

Ike Okorafor may be a green horn in the race, but his early entrance into the race, coupled with his pedigree, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, generosity of spirit, loyalty and maturity he is bringing on board will be a voice for the voiceless and a defender of the cause of the less privileged through Legislative Advocacy. No one can be more problem solving than a political Scientist and the people of Arochukwu State Constituency are about to be blessed.

He assures his commitment to ensure that Constituency Projects and Intervention Programs nominated across his Constituency are duly executed and delivered according to specifications and within the specified period. He is poised to prioritise the welfare and well-being of the generality of the people within Arochukwu zone to the extent that a new lease of life and rekindle hope shall replace their present predicament. A political leader who tags himself a representative and does not prioritizes the welfare of his people is a failure, a nomenclatural fraudster and a corporate impersonator.

Ike Okorafor Liberation Movement wiill lay a foundation stone for open door policy where the people can from time to time have a convocation with their representative as a way of assessment to ensure there is a direct impact and a corresponding release of dividends as may be provided by relevant authorities. This arrangement will prevail because Ike Okorafor lives in a universe different from the political theater that has been represented since the inception of Abia.

The modern approach to youths and women empowerment initiatives that will be put in place will transcend the archaic way of sharing motor bikes, sewing machines, wheelbarrows, clippers and the rest to a selected few; this modernity will be a regenerating substance into the cavities of our polity with focus on a well-researched, formulated and executed policy that will totally slash poverty to an invisible line and lift the people into financial independence and breakthrough.

The reason for this awakening is to push our people from slumber to a state of consciousness in view of the fact that recycled politicians have overtime miused our mandate and abused our trust. Trusting them in this new dispensation is damaging and suicidal too. It’s time to support fresh ideas that will deploy different approaches to the numerous challenges facing the people. Democracy is all about the people and the product of a good public policy should be people-oriented.

According to Kate Millett, it is precisely because certain groups have no representation in a number of recognized political structures that their position tends to be stable, their oppression so continuous. The IOK movement is a pillar for newness and all-round freshness.

Ike is Coming..

Mary Thompson
For IOK’S Media Team.

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