Ohafia South Constituency 2023: OHAFIA Choro Obia Kalu.


The search for a worthy representative for Ohafia South State Constituency is ripe and very important to the people at this material time as the 2023 political exercise has continued to prove to be a moment for correcting many political anomalies, and a year to enthrone merit over mediocrity once and for for a better planned, well focused and a developmental centred, viable Ohafia South.

As the sky is gathering and the clouds going berserk to discharge what it has in its bowels ahead of the 2023 General Elections, many Nigerians are indicating interest and preparedness to run for different executive and representative positions, and as well, the electorates are ready to make their voices heard by exercising their power with the strength of their PVC, one of such contestants is Hon. Ebin Kalu Orji (popularly known as Chief Obia).

It is a truism and pellucid too that Ohafia South State constituency of Abia State House of Assembly needs a pragmatic, ebullient and visionary person that will make a good representation of this constituency, a person with the intuition to understand, galvanize and bring to the fore, the needs and aspirations of the great people of this constituency, with especially, youth-oriented programmes and ideologies that will reinvent, refocus and reinforce development.

As a matter of reality, searching for one pin among nails may be very complicating and seem impossible, but with the right precision, above all odds, Hon. Ebin Kalu Orji in his ingenuity fits the hole and is a shining pin among the nails.

With his demonstrated political, social and philanthropic antecedents and gestures, he is the most qualified aspirant, he will make a good representation to the glory of God and in the best interest of the constituency.

For these convincing reasons, my good people of Ohafia South State Constituency, let’s send and support Obia for more even development and quality representation.               


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