Aro 2023: Only Collective Efforts Can Rescue Our Constituency – Prince Ike Okorafor


Only Collective Efforts Can Rescue Our Constituency – Prince Ike Okorafor

Following his avowed decision to rescue Arochuckwu State Constituency from economic downturn, unemployment, social vices and general lack of development by successive Representation since the dawn of democracy in Nigeria, Prince Ike Okorafor has maintained that his candidacy has a carnival target of giving the good people of Arochukwu State Constituency a true sense of belonging by bringing Democratic dividends closer to the them.

While emphasizing on the need for patriotic actions that will harness and engender progress, the CEO of Evolette Resources Ltd has insisted that the true change that will usher in better life and holistic development rest within the electorates, whose choice of a candidate will either make or marr the constituency beyond 2023. He therefore encouraged the good people of Arochukwu Constituency to, as a matter of patriotic duty, work in close rank with him to usher in meritocracy over mediocrity as the world has moved beyond sentiments and focused more on making decisions that will positively impact the life of the citizens.

As a result of the expidiency of a collective effort needed to make the desired impact in Arochukwu State Constituency, Prince Ike Okorafor, who is also the CEO of IOK Educational Foundation, (an initiative that has given hope and surccur to indigent but educationally disadvantaged students) has encouraged the electorates to give him collective support as he has laid down pragmatic, lofty and people oriented plans that will set the Constituency on the same developmental pedestal with other constituencies that are adjourned as “developed” in Abia State.

“My Candidacy is focused on harnessing the abounding potentials of our Constituency to deliver optimal representation to our people who has been shortchanged over the years as a result of poor leadership without vision, articulation and lack of administrative acumen to effect progress.

“This efforts can only manifest through your support and collective decision to insist on merit and hold unto its gains by ensuring that the man, I, Ike Okorafor, with the right experience and antecedents, takes over the running of the affairs of Arochukwu State Constituency.

“I have made myself available for the lofty job of redirecting our constituency to the right path of visible development, progress and greater opportunity for employment, better welfare for the constituency, and much more” .

“With our collective efforts, we can rescue our constituency” he assured.

Meanwhile, Prince Ike Okorafor, has continued to show capacity and commitment to the cause of Arochukwu State Constituency by investing hugely in human-capital development over the years as employer of labour to cushion the effect of chronic unemployment among the youths. He will do more.

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