Group calls on Nkemakonam Dickson Orji to Step In for Enugu 2023 Guber Race.


A group of young entrepreneurs under the aegis of the Intellectual Giant Youths Movement, IGYM, has called on Mazi Nkemakonam Dickson Orji to step up and step in for the Enugu State Governorship contest, describing him as a breath of fresh air for ushering in a New Dawn in Enugu State from 2023 and beyond. They described him as the goldfish in the pond of many opportunities to reinvent, redirect and reinvigorate the Coal City State for progress and holistic development.

This position by IGYM was made public through a Press Statement signed by the Chairman, Comr Johnson Ani, and Secretary Amb. Nnamani Udeh, after an emergency meeting of the Executives in Enugu on Wednesday. They reiterated their resolve as intellectual youths with a big stake in the State to play a big role in the ongoing efforts to change the narrative of governance in the state and revealed that the reason why they settled for Mazi Orji is that he is young and fresh in politics, which is a proof that he has not been corrupted by political misdemeanours.

Also, the group said that his antecedents and Pedigree in his private endeavours, especially his touch of excellence in his leadership approach, his administrative acumen and cerebral composition is such that Enugu needs at this point to make headway and navigate back to safe waters.

The Statement read, inter alias:

“One of the reasons for our endorsement and call on Mazi Nkem Orji to declare for Enugu State Gubernatorial race is as a result of his focus and unrelenting push for a better, more prosperous and productive Enugu State. His touch of excellence in his leadership approach, his administrative acumen and his cerebral composition are such that Enugu cannot afford to overlook if we truly desire change in the right direction.

“His state of mind precludes that better results can only come when we try to do things differently as you cannot continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results as an outcome. It, therefore, means that for Enugu State to have a different result, we must insist on different methods, we must insist on the paradigm shift from the known to new normal where results will be the bedrock of our collective efforts and better living a product of our determined march to true emancipation, development and a society of equal law and order where rule of law will reign supreme.

“Our time of mental slavery is over, our era of intellectual incapacitation and institutionalized backwardness is over, this is time to unseat mediocrity and enthrone merit. Mazi Nkemakonam is our best bet for a glorious Enugu State of our dreams, he must answer this clarion call to stand in for us because we have confidence in him.

“We must insist to have a New Dawn which he represents, a paradigm shift from the known experiments that never worked for us as a people to new grounds of endless possibilities for greater Enugu State, this is our stake with posterity, this is our position on 2023, we will push very hard for our wish to be respected because the future belongs to us, we intend to hand it to a man that will harness is to give the youths a better deal.

“We do not champion the cause of youth opportunity and hope as a favour, but rather as the necessary, undeniable, embrace of our collective future where the youths must be positively engaged, gainfully employed and assured of a future full of opportunities to excel in life.

“We are insisting on practical solutions to our known problems, because everything great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  the statement concludes.

Meanwhile, other similar calls from groups, bodies, individuals and organisations have remained a litmus test to the acceptability of the man whose only concern and burden remain to bring better life and progress back to Enugu State, and a smile upon her inhabitants.

Nkemakonam Dickson Orji remains the antidote to a New Dawn for greater Enugu State.

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