Power Of Choice: Hon. Ebin Kalu Orji, A Square Peg In A Square Hole.


One of the greatest gifts God gave man is the power to choose, the ability to discern and decipher between the ugly, the bad, the good, better unto the best. This means that the ability to decide one’s fate lies within his/her own will to pick one true option out of many. This is the power God has bestowed upon us, “the power of choice”.

It is on this trajectory that we implore the good people of Ohafia South State Constituency to understand that the power to liberate ourselves from instituted maladministration, insecurity, unemployment, and prevalent social vices lies in our various hands.

The only way we can achieve total emancipation is to be knowledgeable and conscious enough to take accurate measures in the means of choosing a good and honourable leader who has the mindset, the zeal and the administrative know-how to see that Ohafia South can truly change within a reasonable time frame.

Hon. EBIN KALU has answered this all important clarion call to lead the good people of Ohafia South State Constituency to a great height and he has answered it with faith and a great measure of selflessness to see that Ohafia/ABIA as a whole remains the safest place to be.

Let us support Hon. EBIN KALU (chief Obia) for good representation at the State House of Assembly for the best interest of Ohafia and Abia State in general.


©Hon. Ebin Kalu Media Team, 2023.

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