Encomium on Nze Orji, a call-to-serve; an antidote for New Dawn in Enugu State


While the felicitations were at the peak after bagging the Prestigious Alumnus Award of Excellence from UNIZIK, what set out to be praise of the humanitarian, philanthropic and humane character of Nze Nkemakonam Dickson Orji, has turned out to be a clarion call for him to further step up his bid to contest for Enugu State Governorship position as he is the man with the requisite experience to help Enugu State find her bearing in crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘I’s. 

From the sea of hearty congratulations, Encomium, and goodwill messages that heralded the historic event of the award, we curled up two with a resounding, unequivocal and clear message of “a call to serve the people”. 

  • John O. I. Joseph, NDAPGSDSS, captured his spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions in a captivating fashion thus: 

“I encourage my well-revered colleagues to also comment on our brother. This is one of the very few ways we could team up in support of one another. We are not here by coincidence, I believe. 

“Dickson is a man I still can’t find enough words to laud. He is outstandingly passionate about the welfare of the people. He is committed to seeing that everyone around him is happy. He is a man with a heart for the rule of law. He loves equity, justice, truth and hard work. 

“Having known him for as long as I have, I do not find it hard in any way to embrace his leadership and give him required unwavering support. He is just the man the current Nigeria needs to step into the much-awaited glory that all souls are yearning for. He is a disciplined man, firm and upright in his ways. He is the type you can rely on to do that which will favour the people. Intelligent and exposed as he is, he possesses the required skills and virtues needed to build a much better society. 

“I will not blink an eye before I resolve to throw myself at helping him in any way required for him to reach the gubernatorial platform where he will be able to give Enugu State, the Southeast, Nigeria and Africa the much needed positive landmark transformation that it has long thirsted for. 

“This award is an honour well deserved, given his record of good deeds.
Thanks to the prestigious UNIZIK for channeling this recognition to the one who indeed is worthy of it.
Congratulations, Mr. Orji Dickson” his comments end. 

  • We also curated this input from #punchingholes that put it thus: 

“Permit to add voice to already crowded encomium on Dickson. He is my classmate in the unit, the class of 94/95., He was the President of the National Association of Political Science Students (NAPSS). 

“His leadership then witnessed harvest to the department. His honesty, sincerely, accountability and transparency were there for all to see. His legacy in the department stands above other presidents before him. He has an impeccable character. I am not surprised by this award.  

“Like an eagle, he will continue to soar high and higher. I do not doubt in my mind that he will transform the much needed good governance, sustainable development, rule of law, infrastructural development and employment to teeming youths in Enugu state and the entire Southeast region. 

“Ndi Enugu needs new generational leadership with a good heart and passion to serve. For me, Dickson Orji fits on that shoe. Let us give him the much-needed support to win both the primary and the governor of Enugu state. 

“It is “doable,” ok we’re home”, the comment read. 

Indeed, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Nze Nkemakonam Dickson Orji for Enugu State will be a “Round Peg In a Round Hole”. With our collective efforts, a New Dawn for the Coal City State is within our grasp.

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