Umunnem Na Umunnam, Ndi Enugu State. This New Dawn Is For A Fresh Start!


As concerned Enugu indigenes, we have the honour to introduce Nkemakonam Dickson Orji to seek the mandate of Ndi Enugu as our next Governor come 2023. 

Dear people of Enugu State we feel the pain and share in the frustration due to inept governance in the State. In this regard, we apologise to our people for many years of unnecessary hardships and wasted opportunities. We deeply understand that an election without credible candidates is worse than sympathy without relief. 

In light of this, we, the concerned citizens encourage Nkemakonam Dickson Orji to step in to serve our people and restore sincerity of governance and dignity to Enugu State. There is an urgent need to change the style of governance because we deserve the best. We are confident in the wisdom and capacity of Nkem Orji to engender quality leadership to transform lives in our State.  

 My people have sacrificed a lot and suffered for too long. Many dreams have been shattered and lives destroyed. For God’s sake, we deserve some respite.

Dickson N. Orji has never been involved in partisan politics instead has devoted his life to promoting human development, national security and social welfare for all.   

There is a need to refocus our State administration to reflect the yearnings of our people like in the good old days when the government was close by for the service of the people.
With your support, the glory of Enugu shall be restored and every Enugu person shall have direct access from the local council to the State to allow for direct participation of the people in managing their lives, companies and industries. The government will only be there as a credible umpire for the provision of technical and financial support. 

Umu Enugu we cannot be doing the same thing all over again and expect changes and different results. The expected changes shall start when we say no to those who come during the election cycles with mere tokens to buy our votes. Let us not sell the future of our children and mortgage our lives. After all, when the breadfruit was not ripe we did not eat goat dung!  Let us say no!

This is our opportunity to right the wrongs and elect responsible servants, not masters. Our State has enough resources to meet the needs of each and bridge the gap of inequality. Dickson N. Orji strongly believes that nobody should be left behind in wealth creation. Let the wealth go round (Onye aghana Nwanne ya).  Nkem as a Christian is a strong believer in fairness to all people irrespective of circumstances of birth.   

We must not give up and you must not give in which is what those politicians want to continue in their corrupt tracks. Let us seize this opportunity to elect someone who understands that it is evil not to pay civil servants at the end of the month while their salaries are guaranteed. Let us join hands to elect a government that will take seriously its promises to pay our pensioners their entitlements and not treat them with neglect.

 If chosen with your support and by God’s grace, the administration of Dickson N. Orji will extend developments beyond Enugu Metropolitan City to all corners of the State. He firmly believes that by developing other parts of the State employment shall be created to engage our people, especially the youth who are deeply frustrated.

My dear brothers and sisters, what happened to Enugu State-run Industries and Companies that had suddenly disappeared? What has become of Companies and facilities such as AVOP, ADA RICE, NAMCO, Orient Bank, PRODA, EMENE STEEL FACTORY, NKALAGU CEMENT etc? These companies and many more with a sincere government will make unemployment a thing of the past in our State. 

UMU NNEM, it is not too late “TAA BU GBOO” imagine another four to eight years wasted out of our lives? God forbid!

We reject political godfatherism and recycling into the office of those that had held us, hostages, until now.  

We must embrace this New Dawn by supporting Nze Nkemakonam Dickson Orji as the next Enugu State Governor.

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