Thank you for what you have been doing for us – Isiala ngwa south youths appreciate Hon Dannie Ubani


LETTER OF APPRECIATION TO Hon Daniel Ubani.(MANJA). CEO Fortunewell Farms Ltd

I will like to begin by appreciating his personality for the wonderful humanitarian works which has been recorded alongside his huge development around the world.
Today, what you have achieved through your accomplishment is exemplary. Your dedication and professionalism are truly remarkable and your service, commitment towards every sector is exceptional and immense.

Thanks for giving us space to grow and expectations to live up to. We appreciate you for leading alright and for assembling a core. If the buck stops at your table, then the credit should as well sir. Thank you for being a man of integrity, diligence and exemplary leadership. Just take a look at what Hon Daniel Ubani has achieved and accomplished so far:

  1. Manja has within the previous years awarded scholarships to indigent students numbering over 35
  2. Manja has empowered over one hundred youths basically in enterpreneurship program setting up businesses for the youths free of charge.
  3. Manja has indefatigably offered educational opportunities to different under graduates across the the state even though these were never done under the coverages the camera. . and that’s what we refer to as behind the scenes goodness….
  4. He has been very instrumental in maintaining peace and order in the state.
  5. History and record has it that He has built about 4 Houses for indigent people within his community.
  6. Manja has through his industrious mind and out of his magnanimous heart created job opportunities for the youths as he believes that every idle mind MAY be left for none other better and positive dealer except the devil ……

Brethren, 2023 is fast approaching, and he has declared his good interest to serve the good people of Isiala Ngwa South in the capacity of State Assembly…..

At this point, may I let you know that the youths are on their knees and ready to throw their massive and overwhelming support. They are pleading and asking for one thing. Declare to us what we may do and have us do it with extra energy and enthusiasm…. as we anticipate further to have you lead us Into a higher place of prosperity.
What you have done in Isiala Ngwa South, Abia State and beyond is a clear indication that you will do well if given a mantle of leadership either in the State or Federal level.

Onyeukwu Marcus c.

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