2023: Mission Statement of Dickson Orji for New Dawn in Enugu State.


In all fairness, when electorates give their mandates to a particular elected officeholder, it means trusting the government with projects that determine the fate of the entire citizens which includes; good roads, a reliable transport system, affordable healthcare, employment, security etc.
Failure to deliver on these dividends of democracy amounts to a breach of the social contract between the state and the citizens which is at the heart of democracy. Citizens in anticipation of good governance hand over their interests and aspirations to policymakers in expectation of good dividends from the state to ensure that nobody is left behind.

Mr Nkemakonam Dickson Orji has reiterated that he is concerned and poised to focus on the welfare of Enugu Citizens and here are his submissions for areas of focus from the first moment he is elected Governor. These are results arising from fact-finding investigations he has undertaken which confirm that nothing is working. In areas of 

• Education 

• Insecurity, 

• Unemployment, 

• Poor or Inadequate Infrastructures, 

• No Organized Health Care System

• Inflation/High Cost of Living

• Accountability and Transparency

• Small and Medium Scale Business

• Sports and Entertainment 

• Water Scarcity

“As governor of Enugu State and  head of the cabinet, I will provide quality leadership to the state changing the narrative from the current leadership style in Enugu state; I will continue all the policies of my predecessors that have been abandoned and maintain the cohesion of the government policy and the party beyond;

“I will ensure the systems of government work by getting involved personally on regular basis through result assessment, policy analysis to factor workable actions that will engender progress and economic turnaround for the State;

“I will be ready and willing at all times to explain to the people what the government is doing.

“I will make Enugu state home to all and enact a policy that encourages diaspora to think and invest at home.

“I will not and will never abandon anyone because we will be in the march together until the needed changes are effected to usher in a New Dawn, holding me to my words”, he vows.

For over five decades, when we look back with nostalgia at a time when patriotism and state interest ruled the political space, when issues improved welfare and positive development were determined and agreed upon by consensus; when politics and politicians were all about the betterment of the electorates, how to deliver the dividends of democracy when selfishness was absent. We can agree that presently, all these main attributes needed for our State to flourish are lacking.

The yearnings of the people of Enugu State for a paradigm shift have been ignored for too long, the continuous cry for good governance for the good people of Enugu state has not been adhered to. How long could we wait for another of Michael Okpara or Jim Nwobodo to lead us out of this darkness of despondency and economic quagmire, when do we escape from this instituted maladministration and rape of our collective patrimony? 

Sharing his experience, Nkemakonam Orji recalled: “Three years ago, precisely, when I was in a metro in a distant European country, Sweden on an international conference for the control of small arms and light weapons. I observed the obvious contrast in how we run our government and how the rest of the developed world manages theirs. The obvious difference is the devotion of the public sector in these countries to always improve the system and the lives of their people through selflessness and patriotism…

“Then I remembered Jim Nwobodo under the NPP indigenous party equivalent to AGPA in terms of the manifesto, from 1979 to 1981, I remembered what Governor Nwobodo did in old Anambra and I remembered Michael Okpara the then Premier of Eastern Region also under the indigenous party. It dawned on me that Ndi Enugu is not short of competent, skilful and capable hands to govern the state but that godfatherism, selfish politics and favouritism are our problems in the state.

“In this era of a new dawn, I Dickson Nkemakonam Orji, having managed various offices with excellent results hereby vow to bring home these managerial skills to my people”, he vows.

Expectedly, In Nigeria, across Africa and also Europe and Asia, offices such as managing people and resources is nothing new to Dickson Orji, this leaves us with these intriguing and rhetorical questions:

• Are the present politicians more cynical and power-hungry than our predecessors?

• Are the institutions inadequate or weak?

• Have society and technology irreversibly changed the way politics are pursued and managed?

• Have we lost the high moral standard of our forefathers that taught altruism and good governance?

The answers to the above questions can, fortunately, be provided by a few good people like Dickson Nkem Orji. There is fire to serve the people burning in him, following the footsteps of Michael Okpara and Jim Nwobodo. To render quality and productive governance to Ndi Enugu.

Having closely observed the challenges facing Enugu state, ranging from water scarcity, insecurity, unemployment, poor or inadequate infrastructures, no organized health care system which has unfortunately led to many avoidable deaths. Especially among the elderly and the youths. A new cause of action should be the new normal and the political will to change the narrative should guide our anticipation.

Health care (We leave nobody behind)

” Why in God’s name should we allow innocent children and pregnant mothers to die because they cannot afford hospital bills? Or what gain do we attain by allowing our vulnerable elders to succumb to early deaths simply because they did not steal from our treasury while in service?

This must stop.

“I will enact a policy that will allow government and hospitals to first and foremost care for the sick and a common ground to share the cost would be found between governments and the insurance companies. This in itself shall be an act of government that is responsible for the health, wealth and welfare of her citizens because welfare is the connecting synergy between health and wealth. HEALTH IS WEALTH. Creating a wealthy society is a reward for healthy citizens”

Inflation (high cost of living) subsides:

“With the rate of hyperinflation ravaging our economy, with a cap on minimum wage, there are no way families on the minimum wage scale could survive without immediate government intervention because electricity and water bills alone will slash their monthly income by 20% (N30,000 wage, N3000 electricity N3000 water) government will offer subsidies to those on minimum wages to ease them the financial burden and cushion the drastic effect inflation”.

Water Scarcity:

“We know the geography of Enugu, yes rich with other natural resources but faced with enormous water challenges. This burden of water should not and would not have been borne by the citizens of Enugu. It is not meant to be like this and it is not supposed to be a big problem. unfortunately, it has remained unsolved for too long, I will make sure that every household in Enugu will have running water in my first year as governor or have water subsidies to lessen the burden of water scarcity we have been bearing for years for no fault of ours, but due to government’s negligence to provide this basic need”.

Accountability and transparent

“Over the years, I have explored ways to make sure that leaders in positions of authority such as our top executives exercised their power correspondingly, including Governors. Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries. LGA Chairman and Councillors, must not abuse their offices or embezzle public finances. Our people hardly know what good governance looks like because for too long all they have had after many years is poor administration.

“C. C. Onoh would have gone to any length to bring sanity to Lion House, C. C. Onoh still lives in us, governance is everybody’s responsibility, join and let’s reposition Enugu to its rightful place in Nigeria.

“Not only will I and my government put an end to corruption, but we will also set an example of how to run a transparent government.

“Every government’s expenditure must be made public and signed off by the State House of Assembly. On request, it shall be made available to individuals and organizations,

“With regards to poor and inadequate infrastructures, we shall develop and improve the existing infrastructure such as roads and bridges, sports and event facilities needed for our society to function properly. A quality infrastructure will help economic development by increasing productivity and providing services, creating employment and enhancing the quality of life. 

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