Ahead of the People Democratic Party’s Primary Elections that will happen to ensure the election of all the party’s flag bearers at every elective position in Abia State come 2023, a major contender to represent Ohafia South State Constituency, Hon Ebin Kalu Orji (Popularly Known as Chief Obia Kalu) has consulted with the PDP delegates for support.

In a well-constituted meeting with the delegates, he expressed delight at the overwhelming support he has so far enjoyed from the party members and appealed to the delegates to extend the same to him to enable him to win the primary election as he believes he is the most qualified and best-prepared candidate that will bring victory to PDP and good representation to Ohafia South State Constituency.

“It is high time we offered good and quality representation to Ohafia State Constituency and I am ready to be the instrument of positive change that will offer inclusive government to the grassroots level because I have been with the masses, I feel their pulse, I understand their fears and I appreciate the deep echos of their silent grumble and I am ready to walk with them to find practical answers to their unspoken questions.

“My priority is to give hope to the youths who are always left out of planning and decisions that affect their lives because that is the only way we can guarantee a better future for them, by understanding their fears, their yearning and aspirations”, he insisted.

As a PDP grassroots mobilizer who has been a staunch member of the party, Hon Ebin Kalu has enjoyed goodwill from party faithful and has continued to call on all to translate same to votes, first at the primaries, to help him emerge the PDP flag bearer for Ohafia South State Constituency.