As the build up to the primaries of the people’s Democratic Party PDP for Obingwa West State Constituency have hotted up, aspirants have started using any little opportunity at their disposal to throw a very serious political punch on each other hence hunting for party delegates and ticket.

when the inaccessible becomes visible.

The front runner for The ticket of the PDP in Obingwa West, is Hon Erondu Uchenna Erondu Jnr who his opponents have been tagged not accessible to his people.

In a society, before one can impact on the life of another, there must be a contact directly or indirectly, there must be access and opportunity for one to present his case, before he or she could be helped.

Does Erondu Jnr have a third eye?
According to stories we hear and read, people described to have a third eyes are mainly spirits or anyone going to the spirit world which only exists in the movies, but if he is not accessible that means his third eye is working, because it takes a third eye for a man who is assumed not to be accessible to know that Ward-1 Osusu Amaukwa Village,

Ward-2 Ehere Autonomous Community,

Ward-3 Umuaro Village,

Ward-4 Ossa Ukwu Autonomous Community,

Ward-5 Umukalika Village,

And Ward-6 Mgboko Umuocha Village need to be touched positively.

His signature projects scatter all over the six political blocs in Obingwa West with ward 3, the most beneficiary among the wards.

It would be better for the people of Uhie to have an inaccessible Igodo who would without doubt impact positively on their lives and bring about life-improving projects, than a man whose visibility has been of no benefit to the people.

Let inaccessibility beat the illusionary visibility and accessibility this time.

No wonder women of Uhie purchased PDP nomination form for him.