Game On: I will not relent, nor falter till Arochukwu Constituency is salvaged – IOK


After successfully picking his nomination and expression of interest form to contest for the State Assembly position in 2023, the maverick, committed and result-oriented US-Based politician, technocrat and educationist, Prince Ike Okoroafor (Dike Ogu 1 of Abam), has reiterated his determination to continue to push for a paradigm shift in the way things are done presently, to a phase where the people of Arochukwu State Constituency can get a better bargain and best Democratic dividends closer to them.

Speaking to some journalists on Thursday 7th April 2022 at APGA Headquarters in Abuja after picking his form, Prince Ike Okorafor insisted that the bane of Nigeria’s political development has been the celebration of mediocrity over competence and merit on the altar of political loyalty to a few greedy Godfathers whose personal interest supersede collective good of the people. He said that these are part of the social vices we had overlooked as a people, but which must be tackled headlong.

“We have been in this inglorious political comatose for too long, we have condoned clear rape of our economy by purveyors of our collective patrimony. It is time for us to either say no and challenge the status quo, or remain silent to watch our youths, our aged and our people become a liability because their share of the dividends of democracy is squandered by a few who consider themselves privileged for getting the mandate of the people.

“I have a strong conviction that the problem of the people will be half solved when their resources are better managed by providing good and quality representation that will usher in employment, education, and improved health care services that can guarantee a better future for us. That is why I am not giving up on the people who share the same beliefs with me that competence, proven antecedents and people-oriented leadership can salvage Arochukwu Constituency, that is what I intend to offer to them”.

The Evelotte Farms Resources Limited Director and CEO/Founder, IOK Education Foundation, also expressed a strong will to pursue his political dream of representing his people as that is the only way he can augment his numerous effort at cushioning the bad effect of tough Nigeria economy, insisting that his conviction comes from the fact that if the little effort he has made as an individual through his philanthropic gestures can offer succour to many, then harnessing the limited resources of the people will guarantee a better life beyond 2023.

“2023 will be a defining moment, a room for choice for the electorates either support true emancipation from stagnation or a continuation of 4 years of economic quagmire and development downturn as has been the status quo. I have offered myself for service, together we will improve”, he said.

Comr Amos Kalu

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