The increased complexities and requirements arising from the constant change in our society, coupled with constant push for higher levels of productivity, require effective and ethical leadership. In its most basic form, the anatomy of leadership is a matter of character and competence. Prof. Eleazar Uchenna Ikonne has shown himself approved a workman who has no reproach. He understands the challenges and has the right solution that Abia State needs. He, therefore has got himself prepared for the task.

Pro. Uche Ikonne, through his giant strides in our state’s institutions of higher learning, understands the complex interplay between socio-economic development and local economic development aimed at addressing backlogs in service delivery, infrastructure and poverty alleviation. He is indeed willing to stimulate growth across all sectors of the economy of the state through infrastructural development which functions as a key driver of the sustainability of social and economic structures that can be beneficial to all citizens.

Abia State has a landmass of 5.835sqkm. The State is blessed with natural resources, fertile land and can produce what can sustain it. Under Prof. Uche Ikonne, there will be solid policies that will actively engage and support the drive for agriculture, especially in mechanised farming of cassava, rice, palm oil, in line with the federal government programmes and our state’s areas of natural advantage.

Prof. Ikonne, who mapped out education, agriculture and human capital development as the cardinal pillars of his administration when elected governor of Abia State, has promised an improved and working health care system across the state, a conducive environment for public-private sector partnership to thrive, and an improved macro-economic environment that will boost the confidence of private investors in order to improve the overall economic vibrancy of the state.

Under Prof. Ikonne, Abia is going to witness another high level of infrastructural and developmental progress. Another level of empowerment programmes for traders, youths and women. The less privileged members of the society will be featured in the various empowerment programmes, to curtail poverty via human capital development programmes of Prof. Uche Ikonne.

This Scholar is committed to work on the already established developmental foundation laid down by the present administration under Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu. This has translated to the overall acceptance and endorsement of the candidature of Prof. Eleazar Uchenna Ikonne, by all well-meaning Abians: civil society organizations, religious groups and members of the ecclesiastical orders, the elders, the political class both within and outside the state, professionals, members of the academia, the self-employed, the working class, traders, artisans, women and youths. It is therefore our collective responsibility to make Uche Ndi Abia a reality.

Kingsley Maduforo, a Political Analyst, writes from Umuahia.

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