Isiala Ngwa North and South Federal Constituency: Darloo, Oweh go head to head.


The political atmosphere in Isiala Ngwa is getting hotter by the day as we get close to the PDP primaries ahead of  2023 General Election.

Calendar for PDP primaries are as follows, 

House of Assembly: 18th of May. 

House of Reps: 20th Of May.

Senate: 21st Of May.

Governorship: 23rd of May.

On 20th of May 2022, the delegates of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) will gather in Okpuala Ngwa, the LGA headquarters of Isiala Ngwa North to decide who will fly the party’s flag at the 2023 Federal House of Representatives contest of the Constituency Election.

There are strong indications that Isiala Ngwa South will retain the House of Representatives seat which should naturally go back to Isiala Ngwa North after Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha has completed his two tenures at the National Assembly. 

It has been the tradition, right from 1999 when late Hon Chimaobi Nwakanma handed over to Chief Demian Ozurumba in 2003, Chief Ozurumba handed over to Chinenye Ike in 2007, Chinenye Ike broke the jinx of one tenure, did two(2) tenures; 2007 to 2015 and handed over to Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha who will be concluding his journey in 2023.

Whatever that led to the zoning of Isiala Ngwa North and South Federal Constituency back to Isiala Ngwa South LGA, must be what Maradona described  as “Hand of God”.

With Isiala Ngwa as the strongest hold of PDP in Abia State, anybody that gets the ticket is already assumed to be in the Green chambers.

Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha

Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha: popularly known as Darloo, has a lifestyle of simplicity which triggers cheers among people that they echo his moniker say DARLOO anytime you sight him, is a former House of Assembly member that represented Isiala Ngwa South State Constituency in the 4th and 5th Abia State House of Assembly. He is presently representing the Good people of Isiala Ngwa North and South Federal Constituency in the 9th National Assembly. He doubles as the Chairman House Committee on insurance and Acturial matters.


Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha as of today can boost of so many projects which includes, 

Dr Okezie Victor Mini Stadium.

Dr Okezie Ikpeazu Mini Stadium.

Umuode Nsulu mini cassava processing, 

Building of schools and fencing it, 

Electrification projects, 

Attracted the construction of Two roads:

Amaku osusu okpuala ngwa road.

Amaku Umunkpeyi road.

Attracted the building of a Jamb CBT center in Nvosi, 

Distributed mobile barbing Equipments.

Installed and equipped recreation facilities in the 20 INEC wards in isiala Ngwa.

secured employment for upto 80 youths from Isiala ngwa North and South federal Constituency. Free Jamb registration.

 free Npower Registration.

Construction of a mini Stadium in Ubaha Nsule( Ongoing)

Construction of Amapu Ntigha health Center (ongoing)

Amaku Health center (Ongoing)

Umuhie Health center (Ongoing)

Umuoha-Uratta ultra modern Market(Ongoing)

Construction of Telecommunication mask.

Construction of Isiala Ngwa South legislative chambers

Mini Stadium at isi-Eketta ongoing.



The difficult task Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha is facing now is his 3rd term ambition to represent the good people of Isiala ngwa North and South in the federal House of Representatives, do we say that karma is at work, Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha was instrumental in returning Hon Chinenye Ike back to osusu in 2015.

Can he succeed?

Prof A. C. B Agbazuere:

Prof A. C. B Agbazuere: Oweh structure, the Duke of Ngwa Land, a lecturer, former General Manager ASPIMSS, Former chief of staff to Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu,former Chairman Nigeria labour Congress Abia state chapter,  former  Executive Chairman Isiala ngwa south Local Government Area, announced his entry into the ring after he resigned his appointment as the Chief Of Staff to The Executive Governor of Abia state, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

Prof Agbazuere challenged Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha for the House of Representatives seat in 2015, which he later withdrew from the race after an agreement was reached that Hon Darlington will only stay at the federal House for just four(4) years. 

Agreement signed by Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha.

In 2019, he came back again with his evidence showing the 2015 agreement and insisted that the agreement should be respected. On the day first day of the  primaries, he was announced as the General Manager Abia State Passenger Manifest and Safety Scheme (ASPIMSS).

The announcement cut short that dream of going to the Green chambers, which paved way for Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha to win the PDP House of Reps ticket after whitewashing Chief G.C Onyendilefu at the primaries in Okpuala Ngwa.

Achievements of Prof Agbazuere are as follows:

As ASPIMSS General Manager.

Payment of backlog of salaries.

Payment of salaries and allowances every 27ty of the month.

Renovation of ASPIMSS building.

Paid compensation to Accident victims, whose name appears on the manifest.

As a Local Government chairman .

Built Omoba high court.

Boreholes in the 18 Absiec wards,and energized them with generator.

10 300kva Transformers to the INEC wards accompanied with one million naira (1,000,000.00) each with cables to energize them.

Bulldozed Okpokiri Road that was abandoned for 36yrs,which enabled him to renovate Customary court Okpokiri that was abandoned for that number of years that the road was unpassable.

Constructed Umueńe-Omoba Road.

Bought 6 2008 Hyandia Accent for the isiala Ngwa South Local government officials.

Gave all the councilors one million five hundred thousand naira(1,500,000.00) for car support .

Bought Hilux and Hiace Bus for Nigeria Police force Omoba division,and one Hiace Bus for the Vigilante.

Built Ikem Nvosi Migrant Farmers Primary school, isiala Ngwa South.

Built Ikem Health centre ,Nvosi , Isiala Ngwa South.

Built Ikem Village Hall,with a brand new Borehole .


One of The major challenges Prof Agbazuere will face is Delegates. What’s his contribution in setting up the party structure in the two LGAs: Isiala Ngwa North and South, who are his allies in Isiala Ngwa North?

Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha has never lost any election in the history of his political career. He is unbeaten in an open or  secret ballot, 8 years at the House of Assembly, 8 years at the House of Representatives. The only PDP member with such record in Abia.

Can Prof A C B Agbazuere retire Rt Hon Darlington Nwokocha.

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