Video: Welcome to Vatican City Hotels Aba.


Aba, Enyimba City the Japan of Africa, the home of SME, the home of locally made goods of all qualities and standards joins cities like Abuja, Owerri, Lagos, Enugu etc in the hospital business, today we journey into one of the best Luxurious Hotels in Aba, a center for Relaxation, a home away from home.

Welcome to Vatican City Hotels and Suites, located at No.9 Ebisike street by faulks.

In the words of the MD & CEO Chief Anodo Emmanuel Chinonso (Agu ji ele) Vatican city hotel and Suites is not just a hotel but a Piece of Art put together to put Abia first the Hospitality business, a night at Vatican City will motivate you.

Let’s take a work into Vatican city Hotel and Suites.

Some images from

Inside Moscow
Love Garden
Inside the lounge.
Inside Las Vargas
chief Anodo Emmanuel Chinonso, MD & CEO Vatican city Hotel and Suites.

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