No harm should come to Bestman Eruba and family – FCI Warn political actors in obingwa.


Our attention has been drawn to the harassment, intimidation and threat to the life of our chairman, Bestman Eruba and his family by security agents.

We wish to state in clear terms that we are not interested in the seeming political warfare that has engulfed the LGA but nobody should hide under this unfortunate event to intimidate, harass or physically attack Bestman Eruba or any member of his family.

Consequently, Any further attack on his person or his family will be termed as a direct attack on the entire members of FRIENDS CLUB INTERNATIONAL and we wouldn’t take it lightly with such person (s) no matter how highly placed.

To this end, those behind this uncivilized behavior should desist forthwith or be ready to contend with the youth community.


Sunny Lewachi
AG. secretary, Friends club international

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